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New Zealand Occupational Rehabilitation Conference

In partnership with AUT School of Clinical Sciences

WG308, AUT Auckland / Monday 1 April 2019

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This biennial event draws together the multidisciplinary professional who deliver vocational rehabilitation programmes through ACC, government agencies, community based and private providers.

NZORC19 is a one day professional development and networking event designed to showcase best practice and connect professionals for discussion and reflection on their work, towards best possible client outcomes.

NZORC has been held twice before and attracts 80-100 attendees plus a small group of exhibitors who benefit from the opportunity to showcase their goods and services to a select and targetted audience. Attendees in previous years have included vocational consultants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, occupational physicians, nurses and other industry stakeholders.

Why should you attend?

This is what previous NZORC attendees have said:

"... the whole day was inspirational. I normally work on my own so was really good to get an opportunity to listen to others talk about the challenges and triumphs of working in this area."

"Strong speakers, great content."

"Great to connect with Vocational Consultants and CDANZ membership generally, and to promote more visible and collaborative working relationships between ACC and CDANZ."

"Very well done and enjoyable; excellent value for money."

"Well done and well run."

"Connecting with other voc rehab therapists and networking. I enjoyed the panel discussion."

"Found it very encouraging, and felt that the work I do is worthwhile after all . Thanks :)"

"Thanks to the hard working organisers who put in a great event - was very pleased to have attended and renewed my interest and determination to work in this, sometimes very challenging, area."


The NZORC programme is determined by a programming team comprised of practitioners, academics and industry stakeholders, as well as the event producer employed by CDANZ.

Read the Draft Programme  for the day. As we still have some great speakers to announce the programme will be upated regularly. 


Presenter: Dr Jo Fadyl

Dr Joanna Fadyl is a Senior Lecturer at the AUT School of Clinical Sciences & Deputy Director, Centre for Person Centred Research. She has also been instrumental in the development of NZORC since its launch in 2016.

This year Jo will represent our Official Venue Partner, the AUT School of Clinical Sciences, to open the event. She will also present two programme items:

Presentation: Approaches to Vocational Rehabilitation

While in New Zealand we are most familiar with the ACC model, there is a wide range of vocational rehabilitation approaches for people experiencing injury, illness and disability in New Zealand and abroad. Jo will provide a big picture overview of different approaches to vocational rehabilitation to start our day. 

Presentation & Panel: Clients Gaining Employment

Jo will present some key issues in supporting people to gain new employment following injury or illness, informed by a systematic literature review she is currently undertaking with a wide range of collaborators. Following this presentation she will facilitate a panel of practitioners sharing their experiences and expertise in assisting clients to gain new employment. 

Presenter: Ashleigh McDonnell

Ashleigh is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for supporting New Zealand’s homeless population to live more meaningful lives, through supported employment. Ashleigh is currently working in Vocational Rehabilitation and completing postgraduate study at AUT.

Presentation: A VR Approach to Homelessness

Ashleigh has combined research evidence with her experience of the New Zealand’s Housing First model to propose a service initiative that incorporates adapted HF principles and IPS principles as well as a Maori framework and Occupational Therapy values. This service initiative is aimed to support our homeless population into employment and in turn improve their quality of life. 

Presenter: Sam Hack

Sam Hack, is the Solicitor at ACC. 

Presentation: Legal Implications of vocational rehabilitation and occupational assessment

 Sam will talk through recent cases where occupational assessments that have been discussed in court. Who won? What are the implications for vocational assessors? What can we learn?

Workshop Presenter: Ken McMaster

Ken has an extensive publishing record and regularly undertakes conference presentations. Ken has worked with behaviour change in a range of contexts, AoD, family violence and sex offending. Ken is MINT trained (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) and is currently Chair of MI Oceania, a voluntary group of MINT members tasked with supporting MI practice within Australia and New Zealand.

Workshop: Motivation - Making It Stick

All of us know that people often have the best intentions of following through with change, whether that be adherence to medication, exercise, reduction in substance use, etc. Somewhere along the way this intention drops away which leaves everyone stuck. In this workshop we will explore:

  • Why people say yes to us but never follow though (the basis of amotivation)
  • The number one trap to building motivation – telling people what they need to do
  • Understanding ambivalence and how to shift this
  • Several strategies that enhance motivation through purposeful conversations

Workshop Presenter : Samuel Andrews

Samuel is the Harm Reduction Projects Advisor at the New Zealand Drug Foundation, based in Auckland. In this role he supports community responses to alcohol and other drugs, leads a culture change programme with the New Zealand Defence Force around their approach to substances, and helped to establish drug checking at festivals. He is currently completing his Masters of Health Science with a focus on reducing drug related harm within the gay community. Samuel is interested in challenging assumptions towards drugs and ensuring responses are evidence based.

 Workshop: The technical, moral and legal boundaries of workplace drug testing.

Drug testing can be used as a health and safety tool in safety sensitive workplaces. However, there are also a number of limitations and important considerations that must be taken into account. This workshop will outline the technical limitations of drug testing; when it is legal and ethical to use drug testing; what your clients can expect from drug testing; and how to support someone who has a positive drug test.

Presenter: Lisa Mcaulay

Lisa Mcaulay is the Regional Manager and Occupational Therapist for Marlborough/Tasman at Fit For Work, and iscurrently completing a thesis for a master’s degree on multidisciplinary teams of health professionals who deliver vocational rehabilitation.

Lisa will present her research exploring who is involved in a vocational rehabilitation team, how teams describe themselves, how they work effectively together and what prevents effective teamwork.

Following Lisa’s presentation she will be joined by a panel of colleagues to gain their responses and own perspectives effective team work in vocational rehabilitation.

Workshop Presenter: Naomi Faulknor

Naomi Faulknor is a Clinical Services Manager at Habit Group. Since joining Habit in 2008, Naomi has worked as a trained Physiotherapist delivering programmes within Vocational rehabilitation and Pain Management and now heads up Habits’ ACC Pain Management service, overseeing the delivery of pain services North Island wide.

Workshop: Pain

Pain is a daily challenge for many of our clients during their recovery process and beyond. Habit Group provide vocational rehabilitation services as well as an ACC funded pain management service for clients at risk of or suffering from persistent pain. Gain awareness for the impact pain may be having on your clients ability to return to and maintain work. What to look out for? When to refer? What is the role of the multi-disciplinary team in monitoring and supporting pain management?

Facilitator: Paula Rewi

Paula Rewi is the Managing Director of Accomplish Vocational Services. She is also the CDANZ Branch Lead in the Hawkes Bay and a member of the CDANZ National Executive. 

Panel Guest: Dr David Beaumont

 Dr David Beaumont MBChB (Hons), MRCGP, MFOM, FAFOEM, is the Medical Director and Director of Fit For Work Ltd.

David will join our panel discussion on the Multi-disciplinary Team, offering his perspective as an occupational physician.

Panel Guest: Gillian Anderson

Gillian is has significant experience in the health sector, starting as a registered nurse in emergency nursing before moving into project based and managerial roles. Gillian has been with ACC for almost six years and is currently a Portfolio Manager.

Gillian will join our panel discussion on the Multi Disciplinary Team.


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Official Venue Partner - AUT School of Clinical Sciences