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CDANZ 2015 National Symposium + AGM & Professional Development Day
In partnership with Massey University and Careers New Zealand

Slides from Doug Avery, Penny Hagen and Grant Robertson’s presentations at the Symposium and AGM Day are now available online. 

Papers and speakers notes, where these are made available, will continue to be added. 



Professionalism Briefing Paper - Caroline Sandford provides an overview of the Professionalism Project.

Professionalism Project - Phase Two. This includes a review of the CDANZ Code of Ethics. Read more

The Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) represents career practitioners working in a diverse range of roles within a growing and dynamic industry. CDANZ operates as an advocate for its members’ practice standards and professionalism, as well as a national voice for access to well-considered, personally, socially, and economically rewarding career development across the lifespan for all people.

Members of CDANZ work in a range of settings including secondary schools, tertiary education, corporates, rehabilitation, not-for-profit, government agencies, as well as private practice. Services include helping people plan and manage their careers, make informed decisions about their occupation and study, and successfully navigate transitions.

Members of CDANZ are required to continuously enhance their knowledge and skills to work effectively and appropriately within their environment, to meet a range of professional practice competencies, as well as adhere to the CDANZ code of ethics.

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