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Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE

Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE

Career Development for all in uncertain times

Victoria University of Wellington, Tertiary Education Commission, CDAA

Hunter Council Chamber, Level 2, Hunter Building, Kelburn Parade, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus / Monday 18 May - 1pm

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In fast changing societies with political change, uncertainty and unstable labour markets, how can lifelong career development be sustained in local communities?

Join us for an afternoon of professional development with one of career development's brightest minds. Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE is a leading UK, European and international career development expert. In her workshop, specifically aimed at New Zealand based career development professionals, Deirdre will address ways in which career practitioners, communities and nations can respond to the immense opportunities and challenges posed by demographic, cultural and social changes.

  • Explore the meaning of sustainable career development for all in the current environment; the pursuit of happiness, and identity formation and transformation
  • Access practical tools, techniques and a range of approaches designed to strengthen career development, both within and outside of the workplace, with an increasingly diverse client group
  • Review strategies that can be used with clients to help them achieve what they never believed they could
  • Examine technological advances reshaping industries and societal behaviours that impact on how individuals are pursuing their careers
  • Gain robust evidence and ‘best practice principles’ drawn from international career development policies, research and practice in education, skills and employment

Th workshop will highlight a growing need for new approaches and tools that allow individuals and organisations to deal with the complex, contradictory, and contested nature of career development for all. This is a political, cultural and social phenomenon that requires greater understanding of contemporary career narratives and how these unfold and need to be nurtured throughout the life-course.

Attendees at this workshop may claim 4 hours CPD. 

About Deirdre

As Associate Fellow at the Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER), University of Warwick Deirdre does research in Educational Policy, Vocational Education and Social Science. She is also co-Chair of the 'British Journal of Guidance and Counselling: International Seminar Series

As Director of DMH & Associates, Deirdre leads a team who research, design & evaluate programmes and advise organisations, regional and national governments on everything from career development for youth and adults, Careers assessment approaches and one-stop resource centres, Economic benefits of careers work, Evidence, quality, impact assessment, Work in prisons and Youth Offender Institutions and more.

Deirdre is also a national expert in CareersNet, appointed by Cedefop, to collect comparable and reliable information on a European scale in the field of lifelong guidance and career development issues.

Twitter: @DeirdreTalks; Blog: