Career Development Association of New Zealand


Te Mōhiotanga Contributor Guidelines

Te Mōhiotanga is an online knowledge sharing platform published by CDANZ – Career Development of New Zealand. Articles and reviews may be submitted by CDANZ members as well as industry peers throughout New Zealand and internationally.

Published writing is distributed monthly via email and linked to the Te Mōhiotanga home page on the CDANZ website.

Your submission

Submissions must include:

  • The following written material all provided in one Word document. Please label the document CDANZ TM (authors name) eg CDANZ TM Jane Brown:
    • Your article or review, on any topic of relevance to the career development profession in New Zealand. Recommended 700 - 800 words.
    • A 100 word author biography. Please include the nature of your work, qualifications and Linkedin address. If you have a CDANZ Professional Member Profile on our website please also include that.
    • A short introduction to be used in our monthly mailer providing links to Te Mōhiotanga articles. This should give the reader a clear understanding of what the article is about in 1-2 short sentences eg

CDANZ National Development Manager reports on CDANZ inaugural CareerX event and shares career practice ideas gathered from delegates on the day. Read more…

  • A landscape image representative, or evocative, of your article or review (we can assist with this if you are unable to source your own) – send as a jpeg file
  • A portrait head shot of the author – send as a jpeg file
  • If you wish to include any additional images or tables in your article please send these as clearly labelled, individual jpeg files. Provide a clear caption to accompany these files in your Word document. We cannot guarantee we will include all additional resources when publishing but we will do our best.
  • Please send your submissions to and include in your submission email an acknowledgment of CDANZ Te Mōhiotanga Contributor Guidelines. We require assurance that you have read and abide by these Guidelines and meet the Ethical Responsibility of Authors.

Our process

  • We accept writing for Te Mōhiotanga all year round.
  • If you would like advice before submitting your writing you may contact or 021 222 5682.
  • Upon receipt your writing will be forwarded to our Editorial Team. Editors may choose to:
    • Accept the work as submitted
    • Provide feedback to the author, and request a re-submission
    • Decline the submission. This may occur because the subject of your writing is not deemed relevant, or because the submission breaches our Contributor Guidelines in some way.
    • Selected writing will be loaded into the Te Mohiotanga section of the CDANZ website and “go live” with the distribution of a Mail Chimp email to CDANZ members and stakeholders once a month.
    • The timing, formatting and presentation of the publication is at the discretion of CDANZ Editorial Team.
    • CDANZ may also share Te Mōhiotanga writing through other communication networks including CDANZ social media.
    • Te Mōhiotanga is a knowledge sharing platform. No funding or fees are available to contributors.

Writing Guidelines

Our goal is to share information and ideas drawn from careers research, leading practice, industry trends and events, books, tools and resources. Our readers are career practitioners in New Zealand and abroad.

Writing must:

  • use plain, every day, written language
  • use short sentences
  • use correct spelling and grammar
  • use British spelling rather than American spelling
  • mark Māori words correctly, including macrons
  • use respectful, gender neutral language
  • italicise titles of books, films etc
  • provide accurate citations and referencing according to APA guidelines
  • titles should only use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and when writing a name or proper noun eg The tide is turning for career practice in Horowhenua

Ethical responsibility of authors

  • All submissions must uphold the CDANZ Code of Ethics
  • Original work – Te Mōhiotanga prioritises original writing. Submission of writing for Te Mōhiotanga implies the work has not been published before, that it is not under consideration for publishing elsewhere, and that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well as by the responsible authorities eg. associated institute, employer or organisation.
  • Intellectual Property – writing remains the Intellectual Property of the author, however in submitting the writing to Te Mohiotanga the author grants CDANZ the rights to publish the writing.
  • Permissions – Authors are required to obtain permission from the copyright owners for the use of any image, graphs or tables submitted with their writing. Any material received without such evidence shall be assumed to originate from the authors.
  • Conflict of Interest - Authors must disclose all relationships or interests, real or perceived, that could influence or bias their writing, or the publishing and distribution of that writing.
  • Confidentiality- Authors must ensure that any references to case studies protect the identity and wellbeing of their clients.