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Farewell Don Gooder

Farewell Don Gooder

It is with much sadness that I should be writing about my very dear friend Don, who passed away earlier this week. Many of our members will know and remember him as part of a teaching duo with myself in ‘Paper 2’ of the Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Career Development. We worked and laughed together for many years, and stayed in very close contact after his retirement from AUT. 

Don’s pragmatic nature and dedication to the art and practice of counselling is a legacy he has left with our profession. He always saw himself as a ‘practitioner’ and with this attitude, found another home in career counselling, alongside his work in psycho-social counselling at AUT. He often commented that teaching counselling skills gave him a deeper appreciation for the craft of guiding others. Because of this, he was a strong advocate for the helping process model (affectionately known to our students as ‘ARPI’) and challenging role-plays, as part of our teaching strategies. I am sure both are remembered by many of our past students as part of assessments for the paper. 

Beyond the class room, Don had a wicked sense of humour, was ever the gentle-man, and always gave me such wise counsel, whether I wanted it or not. He was my absolute best male friend, and I will miss him dearly. Rest in love, Don.

Tribute by Don's friend and colleague Dr Lynette Reid.