Career Development Association of New Zealand


Application Process

Please email your application document(s) to Your application will be assessed and approved, subject to meeting the entrance criteria and receipt of acceptable documents. 

The Membership Committee endeavours to process applications as quickly as possible. The Membership Committee meets monthly. If there is a reason the application is not complete the Membership Committee will notify you in writing and the completed application is required within 3 months or the application fee will be returned to the issuer. The administration fee will be kept to cover the work involved.

To ensure that you do not experience this delay, please check that you have enclosed all relevant application forms, your referees are aware of the criteria for referee reports and they know to email them to

An invoice for membership will be emailed once your application has been received. Please make payment of the fees (above and detailed on the application forms) directly to the CDANZ bank account.

We look forward to receiving your application by email and thank you again for your interest in CDANZ.

CDANZ Membership Committee

Application and Payment

ALL applications must be submitted on the official CDANZ Application Forms. Please email your application document(s) to An invoice for payment will be emailed on receipt of application.

Membership types and fees are outlined here.