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Entry Level Qualifications & Member Pathways

Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways

As part of the development of Professional Standards, the sub-project: “Entry level qualifications and member pathways” is currently being worked on.

This sub-project aims to:

  • address gaps in our knowledge of current qualifications, programmes and training available in NZ that are relevant to the professional practice of CDANZ members, and
  • gain an overview of international career development professional associations’ entry qualifications and membership pathways, and any implications for professional practice for CDANZ members

The scope of this sub-project covers three areas:

  1. Analysis of current qualifications on offer
  2. Overview of international membership pathways
  3. Consideration of credentialling and micro-credentialling

1. Analysis of current qualifications on offer

Initial analysis identified several complexities in the present qualifications scan which will need to be considered:
  • Provision of career development qualifications in NZ
  • Qualifications not overtly career-development, but include career development research
  • Historical qualifications
  • Programmes which lead to part of/no qualifications
  • International and online qualifications

2. Overview of international membership pathways

The scan of international qualifications and membership pathways provides a point of comparison for CDANZ in the New Zealand context with countries that have already implemented or are in the process of implementing professional standards for their career industry. The international landscape scan will consider:
  • Cross-country overview of professional standards from a selection of career development professional bodies and membership associations 
  • Alternative pathways to membership

3. Consideration of credentialling and micro-credentialling

Credentialling and micro-credentialling are an opportunity and a complexity for CDANZ, and will be considered in this sub-project in terms of the potential for CDANZ to:

  • define credentialling as it relates to career development in the New Zealand context
  • develop career development specific micro-credentials
  • use the CDANZ Competency Framework to analyse members’ credentials (e.g., formal qualifications, micro-credentials, courses, papers, professional development, etc)
  • develop a formal validation process to acknowledge members’ qualifications and professional competency (credentials).
We welcome feedback ( from the membership on:
  • Entry level qualifications for professional membership 
  • Potential of micro-credentials for membership 
  • Potential of a formal credentialling process/system 

Member Consultation - Discussion Document

At CDANZ AGM, held on 5 Sept 2019, member consultation began on proposed changes to CDANZ Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways. Members can read the Discussion Document here. Details of consultation fora and events will be available soon.