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What is Career Development?

Career Development is a lifelong process involving our total life, not just our occupation. It encapsulates the lifelong process of managing our life, learning, leisure, transitions and work. This involves planning and making decisions as well as developing the right skills and knowledge to move towards a personally determined and evolving future, across all ages and stages of life.

Who are Career Professionals?

Career professionals deliver career development services in a range of settings including secondary schools, tertiary education, corporates, rehabilitation, not-for-profit, government agencies, as well as private practice.

Services include helping people plan and manage their careers, make informed decisions about their occupation and study, and successfully navigate transitions.

Career professionals work in a variety of ways to help you. They might provide support face to face, over the phone support, or via electronic media, and may work with individuals and/or with groups.

Our members can help you with a wide range of career development activities including:

  • career planning and decision-making
  • identifying your work-related skills and abilities
  • determining your values and priorities
  • profiling behaviour and personality
  • researching and selecting educational options
  • investigating the labour market
  • coaching in job seeking and interview techniques
  • improving your network of contacts
  • identifying and creating opportunities to progress your career
  • marketing yourself for opportunities
  • altering your work-life balance

Career professionals also work with businesses, integrating career development methodologies with human resource practices, resulting in expertise in:

  • employee attraction, engagement and retention
  • workplace coaching
  • role profiling
  • succession planning
  • leadership development
  • outplacement

Find a Career Professional in your area

What should I ask a Career Professional about?

  • Their experience, training and qualifications 
  • Their specialised skills and knowledge
  • What types of services they can offer you and how they work
  • Can you meet them first to discuss your issues?
  • Do they belong to a professional association and if so which one?
  • Cost and length of sessions?
  • What tools do they use?
  • Do they have a website? If so, check them out
  • You may also want to ask for a written quote and their terms of business.