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These resources include slides, notes and/or video from presentations at CDANZ National Events and strategic projects. 

May 24, 2017 Dr Ryan Duffy - Finding and Living A Calling At Work: Exploring Individual and Practitioner Strategies

Slides presented by Dr Ryan Duffy

April 19, 2017 New Zealand Occupational Rehabilitation Conference 2017 (NZORC17)

Insight: ACC presented by ACC's Russell Macey, National Business Customer Manager, Christine Bloomfield, Rehabilitation Manager and Anna Berwick, Portfolio Advisor - Provider Services 

NZ's First Social Bond presented by Karen Came, APM Workcare

Insight: Ministry of Social Development presented by Anne Hawker, MSD ead Advisor Disability

Experience of work after injuries or illness: What can be learnt from the qualitative research presented by Dr William Levack - slides to come

Employer engagement in vocational rehabilitation: issues and initatives in the research literature presented by Dr Joanna Fadyl, Senior Lecturer & Deputy Director of the Centre for People Centred Research, AUT

Introduction to Post Graduate Rehabilitation at Univesity of Otago RTRU presente dby Dr William Levack - slides to come

Finding Good Jobs presented by ACC's Anna Berwick, Portfolio Advisor - Provider Service Delivery, Christine Bloomfield, Rehabilitation Manager & Alice Dolan, Relationship Manager Workplace

Addiction - Everybody's Business presented by Anna Nelson, Programme Manager, Matua Raki National Addiction Workforce Development & DAAPANZ Board Member

Mental Wellbeing - What We Aspire To presented by Anne Hawker, MAS Lead Advisory Disability Services

Current Legal Preoccupations with Occupational Assessment present by Sam Hack, ACC Legal Advisor

August 31, 2016 Professor Jim Bright: Unplanned Change and Uncertainty in Career Decisions

Presentation is hereA CDANZ Auckland event, in partnership with MIT and CDANZ National.

July 15, 2016 National Forum for Lifelong Career Development

Conversations on Workforce Development and the state of Career Development in New Zealand
A Scoping Paper on Career Development in New Zealand. Prepared by Dr. Dale Furbish, Commissioned by the Career Development Association of New Zealand June 2016 of Auckland.

April 29, 2016 Employability In Focus, Auckland

Developing Employability by Exploring the Future of WorkJason Brown, La Trobe University

Employability in Focus: Work Ready, Employed for Life - Jannie Allen, University of Auckland and Brigette Shutkowski, Careers NZ

Group notes 

April 18, 2016 NZ Occupational Rehabilitation Conference

Overview of Obtain Employment ServicesPresented by Nic Johnson, Vocational and Pain Services, ACC & & Gillian Anderson, Vocational Services and DHB Relationships, ACC

Update on Work Ready and Job Brokerage ServicesPresented by Nic Johnson, Vocational and Pain Services, ACC

Internship Programme – presented by Joanna Heymel, Active+

 AUT Post Grad Certificate in Vocational Rehabilitation - Presented by Dr Joanna Fadyl, AUT

Inter-disciplinary Vocational Rehabilitation: Challenges and OpportunitiesPresented by Dr Joanna Fadyl, AUT

Recent court decisions and their effect on occupational assessmentsSam Hack, Legal Counsel at ACC

Tips, Tools and Strategies working with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)Dr Duncan Babbage.

Hear Dr Babbage podcasts 

Concurrent Workshops – Best Practice: What Does it Look Like?

Workshop 1: Sourcing and Monitoring Work Trials - Facilitated by Karen Came, General Manager, APM Work Care (notes to follow)

Workshop 2: New Health and Safety Legislation - Presentation by Gordon McDonald, presented at NZORC by Jenny Williams and Wayne Parkinson, Work Safe NZ

Workshop 3: Vocational Medical Assessments Workshop: Best Practice, What Does it Look Like? Slides prepared by facilitators by Gillian Anderson and Dr Robin Griffiths

Workshop brainstorm notes

Workshop 4: Different Approaches to Vocational Rehabilitation - Facilitated by Helen Robertshaw, NZDSN / Framework Trust & Sarah Halliday, Geneva Elevator

Workshop 5: Multi-Disciplinary Conversations - Facilitated by Dr Joanna Fadyl

Tips, Tools and Strategies working with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - Dr Duncan Babbage

1) Drive around the sinkholes – if you learn to identify and avoid them, you wont keep falling into them

2) Train in place

3) Use mobile technology – it’s a simple, intuitive aid

“Would you give someone a prosthetic leg and then expect to wean them off it? No, so why do you try to wean someone with TBI off a tool or support that they need?

4) Errorless learning - Give them the answers, backward chaining, more intensive, one on one job coaching, gradually phase it out

5) Errors create a history of noise that can make it almost impossible to learn

6) Hope

Graded return to life – life is not equal to work. Ensure the client is returning to other interests and activities in proportion to work. 

November 2015 - Doug Avery - Symposium Key Note - Thriving in business and life.  

Kiwi farmer, Doug Avery, transformed his Marlborough property Bonavaree to a place of huge success, economically and environmentally. Doug Avery has kindly made his presentation available.

November 2015 AGM PD day - Key Note 1 - Penny Hagen 

Design for Social Change: experiments in new approaches presentation.

Impact Poster

November 2015 AGM PD day - Grant Robertson - The future of Work 

Grant Robertson, MP for Wellington Central and Labour’s Finance Spokesperson presented on the The future of Work

October 2015 - Paul Spoonley - Where Are the Jobs? Demographic Change and the 21st Century 

Paul Spoonley has kindly made the presentation available.

August 2015 - Peer Supervision Training with Robyn Bailey

Robyn Bailey is a Senior Lecturer Career Development at AUT. Robyn has kindly made available the following power points and handouts used in the The Peer Supervion Training workshop:

Peer Supervision powerpoint

Handout - Models for Peer Supervision

Handout - Declaration of Supervisee Rights

Handout - The Responsibilities of the Supervisee

Handout - NZMC Power of Supervision paper

Supervision Bibliography

July 2015 - David Parrish

Prospects in the Creative Sector – Perceptions and Reality - Powerpoint

World Cafe enquiry methodology

April 2015 - Tristram Hooley

Tristram Hooley is Professor of Career Education and Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby, UK.

Tristram Hooley presented five workshops in Auckland in April 2015, on the topics:

The Role of Schools in Career and Employability Learning  - Powerpoint presentation is here.

Implications of Digital Career Literacy for Higher Education - Powerpoint presentation is here.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Powerpoint presentation is here.

You've Got The Look - Powerpoint presentation is here.

Career Development: The Policy Conversation - Powerpoint presentation is here.

May 2014 - David Blustein

David L. Blustein is a Professor in the Department of Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College in the United States."

David L. Blustein presented two workshops in Auckland in May 2014, on the topics:

The Psychology of Working - Powerpoint presentation is here.

Social Justice & Work - Powerpoint presentation is here.

Feb 2014 - Dr Roberta Neault

Dr Roberta Neault, International author, trainer and career development strategist from Canada, presented a one day workshop to both Auckland and Otago CDANZ in Feb 2014, on the topics:

  • Career Flow - Hope Centred Action, and
  • The Career Engagement model

Dr Neault has very kindly given us a copy of her presentation which can be downloaded here.