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Youth Employability Aotearoa and our mission to map, join up, showcase good practise and elevate the employability agenda

Thursday 1 July - 5.30pm
This webinar will provide a brief backdrop and rationale to the emergence of Youth Employability Aotearoa (YEA). Shirley Johnson will talk about the areas that YEA are focusing on this year, and why these are priority areas. She will discuss who is involved, how to get involved and why having everyone singing from the same song-sheet is so important. Like all great choirs we need to capture and profile a range of voices (sectors) and synergise this diversity into supporting all rangatahi in Aotearoa/New Zealand flourishing in life, learning and employment.Accessing Previous Webinars
You can view information about previous webinars here.  If you wish to purchase the recording of a previous webinar please contact
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Ethical scenarios in career practice

Thurs 29 Oct 2020, 7.00pm 

This is an opportunity to brush up on CDANZ Code of Ethics and reflect on how you apply it in your practice. We will be considering a variety of ethical scenarios that could arise in your practice. We look forward to your participation in this live and interactive discussion.

Recorded discussion

Relevant legislation and information on The Privacy Act 2020

V-ROC: Vocational Rate of Change Assessment Tool

Tues 29 Sept 2020, 7.00pm 

Megan McLay, Vocational Consultant with Southern Rehab in Dunedin is proud to present to you a tool designed to capture the ‘value’ of the Employment / Vocational consultant working with clients to assist them on their journeys to work. 

It is simple, just 6 questions at the initial and completion points of an employment programme such as a Back to Work Programme.

With changes in contracts over the years, with both ACC and MSD, the focus and outcome measures are moving towards being based solely on ‘employment’ as an outcome, not the valuable work Consultants are doing towards this outcome. 

The purpose of this tool is to measure the progress for the client, with the help of a Consultant in their pre employment preparation.

Slides and recording of this webinar are unavailable but if you would like more information please contact Megan McLay directly -

Women Leaders in a Post-Covid world - are things really different?

Tues 22 Sept 2020, 12noon 

There has been significant attention paid to the way in which global female leaders have performed during the current global pandemic, reinvigorating the presence of a 'female leadership advantage' particularly in relation to crisis and conflict situations. These discussions suggest sex-based gender has, at the very least, been minimised in the leadership realm, perhaps signalling the removal of gender-based barriers to career progression. Recent research by Dr Suzette Dyer, Fiona Hurd and Julie Hardaker, however, suggests that the picture may be far more complex than the headlines suggest. Join Suzette, Fiona and Julie for a discussion based on our results, and the wider implications for women’s careers.

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Navigating the new normal

Thursday 25 June 2020, 12noon 

Kathryn Jackson has been a popular presenter at the last two CDANZ Conferences. Kathryn works with professionals who want to build confidence, achieve career success and grow resilience. She is also the author of the double finalist book, Resilience at Work - Practical tools for career success and Essential Questions to GROW Your Team.

Kathryn will lead an exploration into personal responses to change, and how as career practitioners we might support our clients on their journeys to achieve their career visions despite this unexpected world. She will reflect on how our personal story and our client's story might impact our individual response, and look at how focussing on wider motivations and aspirations might help us to find courage and hope.

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Getting noticed in a technology driven hiring climate

Thursday 11 June 2020, 5pm 

Gillian Kelly, director of Outplacement Australia and The Career Agency, will be talking about the latest on Applicant Tracking Systems and e-recruitment systems and what this means to current resume trends, particularly in the current hiring climate. Learn how to help your clients make the shortlist in high-volume or online forums.

Gillian was our keynote guest at CDANZ Conference 2019. You may also want to watch the video of this presentation on Tips, tricks and techniques for job search in the digital age. 

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Update for CDANZ Vocational Rehabilitation consultants

Thursday 4 June 2020, 7pm 
Join CDANZ liaisons with ACC Paula Rewi and Paul Fennessy in a discussion where they will provide:
  • an update from ACC
  • responses to questions from CDANZ membership that we were asked to put forward at our May meeting with ACC
  • responses to queries from Voc Consultants regarding Entry Level Qualifications (ELQ) and Membership Pathways (MP)

If you work in vocational rehabilitation come along to talk about the issues that matter most to you. 

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Careers and Employability in Higher Education: Two sides of the same coin?

2pm, Thursday 28 May 2020 

Presented in partnership with CDANZ Auckland

Researchers and professionals in two distinct fields share a primary concern with how university graduates achieve employment and career success: graduate employability and career development. However, despite their shared interests, dialogue between these two scholarly and professional fields is limited.

In this talk, Michael Healy will share some results from two studies into this problem. First, he will share visualisations of academic research networks that illustrate the gap between the fields, but also highlight areas where some dialogue is emerging. Second, he will share results from a study of 401 careers and employability job advertisements in Australian higher education, which reveal significant differences between the career development professional and a diverse range of employability roles. My goal is to illustrate some of the complexities of the higher education careers and employability space and argue for more integrated, collaborative approaches.

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The role of parents and carers in providing career guidance and how they can be better supported

7pm, Monday 18 May 2020

Members of CDANZ and CATE are invited to join Professor Jenny Bimrose and Dr Sally-Anne Barnes in a discussion inspired by the International Evidence Report they recently co-authored. We know the strong influence parents and carers have on the decision making of young people. Let's explore what systems and supports career practitioners can offer parents to ensure the best outcomes for them and the young people in their lives. 

Barnes, S-A., Bimrose, J., Brown, A., Gough, J. & Wright, S. (2020). The role of parents and carers in providing careers guidance and how they can be better supported: Evidence report. Coventry: University of Warwick.

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Career development resources that can be used remotely

2pm, Friday 8 May 2020

Covid19 has required career practitioners to explore new ways of supporting clients remotely. Join CDANZ members as they introduce tools, tips and resources that they have developed, sourced or adapted for the online environment. What have your learned over the past weeks that we can share with your colleagues? 

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Career development works!

12noon, Tuesday 28 April 2020

Join Carolyn Alchin in a discussion inspired by CDAA's recent research paper Career Development Works! Read the paper in advance and come ready to discuss. Let us consider how this research is relevant to New Zealand, and how we as pracitioners can use research to advocate for our profession. 

CDANZ Competency Framework links: 2.2 & 2.4

Why a social justice informed approach to career guidance matters in the time of coronavirus

7pm, Tuesday 21 April 2020

Join Professor Tristram Hooley in a discussion inspired by the recent paper co-authored with Professor Ronald G Sultana and Professor Rie Thomsen. Read the article in advance. 

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The Young Person's Brain and why it is hard for them to make good career decisions

11am, Friday 10th April 2020

Join Russell Booth FMCDANZ, as he discusses the development of the adolscent brain and how we might integrate this information into career practice.

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Enhancing Coaching Effectiveness: A Case for Counselling Skills in Coaching Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

9am, Thursday 9th April 2020

Join Raewyn Laurenson PMCDANZ, as she discusses her research and recent article in the Asia Pacific Career Development Journal. Read the article in advance and be ready to chat. 
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Big Data and Career Development

Monday 18 November 2019, 6:30pm - 7:30pm (NZ Time)

CPD Points: 1 hour

Price: $AU $ 20 (Inc. GST)

Fundamental to strengthening a community’s workforce is to support individuals in taking charge of their career development and engagement through ongoing strategic career management; of which a successfully integrative career service will assist.

Providing community career development services as part of an organisation or in a private practice, it is important to understand who your target market is before building career interventions that will be both effective and provide positive long term results. The capacity of career services to effectively address the needs of a diverse range of clients will depend upon the extent to which the career practitioner is able to understand both local and global job markets, workforce and social trends as well as the influences affecting their targeted community and client cohort.

With an extensive career within employment services, vocational training and higher education, in this webinar Jennifer will share examples of the importance in understanding how to both source and integrate occupational, labour market and societal data during the development of tailored community career services.

Additional examples of integration of big data on a global community service scale will be provided in discussion of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (UN) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) analysis on the role of data in promoting innovation, growth and well-being in communities.

Presenter Biography

Jennifer Luke is a PhD candidate and research member of the Australian Collaboratory for Career Employability & Learning for Living (ACCELL) and a Career Development Practitioner / Educator at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). With extensive experience within the employment services, vocational training, higher education and information technology sectors, Jennifer has delivered numerous career development workshops to community groups, university students as well as organisational staff and management.

With a keen interest in meaningful work, generational diversity, community building and skills retention within the workforce, Jennifer initially completed awardwinning Master of Education (USQ) research into the motivation of retirees seeking encore careers. This research is now being extended within her PhD to focus on the removal of barriers to workforce participation for retirees returning to work, their adaptability, sense of meaningfulness and transference of skills to the younger generations.


The Neuroscience of Teen Decision Making

Monday 28 May 2018 at 7.30pm

$20 CDANZ members & subscribers / $30 non members

How can we help teenagers and young adults make better more effective career decisions? It is a very complex process yet somehow it seems to be left to chance and somehow they will 'figure' it out! With the increasing costs of tertiary education and the multitude of earn-as-you-learn options, the whole process is more confusing than ever for young people and especially parents and guardians.

This webinar covers understanding the development of the brain from adolescence, through a phase called ‘emerging adulthood’ and onto ‘maturity’.’ Through MRI and CT scans neurologists now know there isn’t a one-size fits all method about how we should measure a mature brain or that this development is at the same rate for everyone. It would be great if there was a spot in the brain that turns blue to indicate this – but there isn’t. For many we know this now doesn’t occur at 18 (which is in many ways an arbitrary age) but is often much later possibly up to 32!

The key to all this is when the pre-frontal cortex has regular control of the other parts of the brain, in particular the limbic brain. The frontal cortex is the ‘CEO’ of the brain and is involved in planning, forward thinking and decision-making and importantly regulates emotional outbursts. It is like applying brakes to the brain when the accelerator is pressed hard to the floor most of the time.

So how should we as career practitioners react to this information when working with young people? Well, understanding the science and the associated behaviours is a start and that is what this webinar will cover. It will also cover how this impacts on the timing of young people developing their sense of self, identity and purpose all key to career decision making.

Finally it will give you some ideas and strategies to use to help any young person when making a decision about their future. By the end of the session you should have a better understanding of what a young person is thinking and why and ways to help them make better decisions about their careers.

Russell Booth has over 20 years experience in the careers field mainly in New Zealand but also in the UK. He runs his own business Career Change Ltd in Hawke's Bay and Auckland and has worked successfully with many young clients. He has just finished working at the ASB Careers Centre at the University of Auckland as a Career Consultant.

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Legal Implications of Vocational Rehabilitation and Occupational Assessment

Thursday 12 April 2018 at 9am

$20 CDANZ members & subscribers / $30 non members

Sam Hack, Solicitor at ACC, will talk through recent cases where occupational assessments that have been discussed in court. Who won? What are the implications for vocational assessors? What can we learn?

This Zoom webinar is expected to be 45 minutes plus question time. Participants may ask questions via the chat function throughout and Sam will do his best to respond before the end of the session.

Challenges of Leading in Complex Environments and the Paradoxical Importance of Passion, Purpose and Calling

Mon 29 May 2017 - 11am. Facilitator: Dr Peter Cammock, University of Canterbury / Leadership Lab

This webinar is for those working in career and organisational development. Did you know that a work orientation based on a sense of calling can be an important foundation for navigating complex leadership challenges and working with emergent strategies? Peter will explain this, drawing on international research and linking it to his own work in the New Zealand context on leadership and calling.

Peter is co-director of The Leadership LabAdjunct Senior Fellow in Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship at University of Canterbury and has been described by NZ Management Magazine as “one of the nation’s best leadership writers.” His consulting experience spans over twenty-five years and includes facilitation, coaching, advisory and developmental roles with the senior management teams of numerous private sector and non-governmental organizations. Peter has a strong interest in complexity, creativity and positivity in leadership and in the personal foundations of emotionality, character and alignment that underlie effective organisational leadership.

NB Peter’s webinar is the perfect accompaniment to Dr Ryan Duffy’s Auckland event on Wed 24 May: Finding and Living a Calling at Work – Exploring Individual and Practitioner Strategies

Steps to building a compelling LinkedIn Profile

Date: Tues 4 April 2017- 12noon.Facilitator: Grant Verhoeven

This webinar is for career practitioners who wish to gain confidence in using LinkedIn. Perhaps you are sceptical of the benefits of Linkedin? Unsure where to start? Perhaps you are using the platform but would like to learn more?

Improve your profile and gain the expertise you need to help your clients build an effective profile. Learn about all the capabilities of this leading professional platform, stay up to date with the changing technology. Have fun and get empowered. It's cool!

Read our facilitator Grant Verhoeven's Linkedin profile. Everything you need to know.

Building Better Branches: An introduction to the refreshed CDANZ Branch Manual

Tues 7 March 2017 - 12 noon. Facilitator: Lauren Hughes, CDANZ

This webinar is for Branch Committee Members and any other interested party wanting to learn more about how to run a regional branch. In the webinar we will talk through the refreshed Branch Manual including new resources on emergent leadership considerations, branch recruitment opportunities and planning professional development events. We will also create an opportunity to exchange ideas between branches so we may learn from one another.

Webinar resources available:

  • Branch Manual
  • Slides
  • Audio and Video recordings - Contact