Career Development Association of New Zealand


Annual Professional Development Record & Criminal Record Check

Fellow, Professional Members and Full Members

  • Please download a copy and type entries for the Professional Development Annual Record directly into the Word document. Details, dates and number of hours must be specified for each entry.

  • A copy of your Criminal Records Check dated no older than 3 months prior to your renewal date. The process to obtain your Criminal Records Check is free but can take up to 20 days.

  • Please note that Full, Professional, and Fellow members are required to complete 30 hours of professional development per year on initial application and annually to retain their membership.

  • Professional development can include a range of activities, for example, engaging in supervision, reading professional literature, writing and/or presenting, researching a topic, enrolling in education, attending a webinar, a workshop, or a conference, etc. Please note that reading may not comprise more than 10 hours of your Annual PD requirement.

  • Please link each professional development activity to a competency in the CDANZ Competency Framework. Please provide the competency number and name eg Training on Building Resilience might refer to Competency 3.2 Assist clients with career management skills and strategies. 

  • It is important to include your reflections on how the learning has enhanced your career practice as these are a valued part of the renewal process, demonstrating awareness of your professional development. 

  • An example of a PD record showing use of competencies and reflection is here.
  • Professional development DOES NOT include activities that are essentially day-to-day work processes, systems, reporting practices, and those that build your business e.g. developing a business plan, promoting your business. Although these are important for you in your work, they are not considered ‘Professional Development’ for career practitioners. These also include the delivery of workshops, staff meetings, performance appraisals, and networking meetings that do not have a PD component to them.

  • Professional Supervision: Please note that should supervision be listed as an activity it must be provided by a professionally competent career supervisor who is not in a direct management or authority relationship with the applicant. Supervision can be provided in several ways; it is important to be clear that supervision is not work-process or sales effectiveness training. Supervision is only deemed 'supervision' if its purpose is to support and enhance the work of the practitioner and the safety and care of their clients.

  • In-house training is not automatically excluded from being PD but must be specific and targeted, and not part of normal day-to-day work, processes and procedures. Here are a couple of examples:

    • Training around working with resistant clients, learning different techniques and motivational tools to overcome client resistance -how this has been useful in your practice.
    • Training in changes to employment law, privacy or health and safety legislation, and how this will impact on clients and employers - how this knowledge been useful to your practice.
    • Training in new apps, social media platforms or software systems that clients may use to communicate more effectively and /or help improve their chances of securing employment - how this information been useful in your practice.
  • CDANZ would like to acknowledge the contributions members make to the Association by allowing PD hours to be claimed for organising career-specific or aligned conferences/symposiums/events, contributing to a CDANZ committee, or contributing to career related published material/articles/journals, as follows:



Maximum hours to claim per annum



Organising Career specific or aligned conferences / symposiums / events


- Principle organiser

20 hrs

- Committee member organiser

10 hrs

CDANZ committee roles


- National Executive Committee members

25 hrs

- Branch Committee roles (Lead, Communications, Treasurer, PD coordinator)

10 hrs

- Member of a Project Team reporting to National Executive Committee

15 hrs

- Te Mohiotanga Editorial Team

15 hrs

Contributing to career related published material / articles / journals

3 hrs per article (max 3 articles)