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CDANZ National Conference 2019

CDANZ National Conference 2019

Your practice - Today and tomorrow

In partnership with University of Canterbury & the Tertiary Education Commission

University of Canterbury, Christchurch / 5 & 6 September 2019

This Conference is now complete. You can refer to Slides and Resources from the event here. The information below is an archive of the event programme and promotions.

Over the past three years CDANZ flagship event has focussed on big themes highlighting and investigating the value and impact of career development on the wellbeing of our clients, society and economy:

  • 2016: Our Value, Our Voice
  • 2017 Aspiration and Possibility
  • 2018: Social Justice.

This year, at our national conference for research and leading practice, we examine ourselves and put career practice in New Zealand under the microscope to examine:

  1. What innovative models of career practice are working now at home, and abroad?
  2. How will career practice need to change to address the diverse needs of clients in the new economy?
  3. How can you adapt your practice to remain relevant, accessible and sustainable, and so that New Zealanders receive excellence in career development support?

CDANZ national conference is an opportunity to look up from your own work to engage with your peers from across the country and bright minds from overseas, to build your networks, to share and exchange knowledge, to challenge your thinking, to catch up on the latest research and to gain practical tools and insights in leading practice.


University of Canterbury are our Official Venue Partners. We are grateful for their support. Download a map of campus.

Conference Registraton, Exhibition, Plenary and AGM - Central Lecture Theatres, C Block (H3 on the map)

Workshop venues - North Arts Lecture Theatres (H4 on the map)

Conference Drinks - The Shilling Club, (H4 on the map)

Manaakitanga, Conference Dinner - Ti Kouka room, Haere-roa. This the brand new UCSA Building and does not appear on the map. We will guide you from The Shilling Club after Conference Drinks. 


Our programme includes:

  • International Key Note Guest: Gillian Kelly
  • World Tableau Guest: Tannis Goddard
  • 16 workshops presented concurrently over four sessions - download our workshop summaries here
  • A presentation from the Tertary Education Commission and Ministry of Education 
  • CDANZ Project Updates on our work in Advocacy, CRM, Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways
  • Landscape Scan identifying research and projects in progress
  • Panel Discussion: Careers in Career Development - Creating a Workforce for the Future. Panelists: Evangeline Doudle – CDANZ Student Ambassador at Otago Polytechnic, Sarah Proctor-Thompson – NMIT, Vicky Ward – Corrections, Dallas Seymour - Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, Leigh Gray – Nelson College/CATE, Gabrielle O’Connell, Kaye Avery – CareerEQ
  • Workstream discussons for Education, Vocational Rehabilitation and Private Practice where you can speak with your peers about the challenges and opportunities in your area of practice

This year we have also introduced a Buddy Programme to enhance the peer networking and collegiality offered at Conference, particularly for our first time attendees. If you enjoy meeting new people, new to the sector or a little shy and would like someone else to help you with introductions, sign up to be part of the Buddy Programme. 

Download the full programme here. 


Key Note : Gillian Kelly

Gillian Kelly is the Director of Outplacement Australia and The Career Agency. She is a career development coach, multi-credentialed Master Executive Resume Writer and Personal Branding Strategist with global writing experience. Gillian is a passionate speaker about modern career storytelling; building career capability for the future of work; and marketing in a technological world. We are delighted to have her with us as a Key Note guest. Gllian will also present a workshop for private practitioners about building and sustaining a career practice, now and in the future. 

Keynote address: Tips, tricks & techniques for job search in the digital age

No matter where we practice or the types of clients we work with, it is safe to say we all want the best outcomes possible for them. In a time of wobbly careers people need that support now more than ever.

Running an outplacement firm, I see the impacts of the future of work in the uncertain faces of people who have been thrown a career curve ball.

Every day, hirers adopt a new tool, trend, approach or technology to improve their talent game. People rely on us to help them keep pace with these changes and the latest job search methods that work in this new automated world of hiring.

While amazing people are working out the future of work, for many of us our focus is simpler: how to give our clients the best advantage possible in the job market of today.

My presentation will explore shifting trends in job search and the challenges of marketing human brands in an increasingly bot-driven hiring world. We’ll look at samples of awardwinning resumes and unpack what makes them work. We’ll talk helpful tools for job seekers and discuss what hirers are saying that they are looking for in top applicants in 2019.

I love conferences like these where we get to come together in conversations on what we are seeing, what’s working for us, what’s not. I look forward to sharing and seeing everyone.

Concurrent workshop: Career Business Building – Warts-n-All 

Building a Sustainable Career Practice can feel isolating, overwhelming and hard at times. It’s been a journey of mine for the last ten years. In this workshop, I’ll share with you my warts-n-all tale of moving from a solo career practitioner to running a national outplacement firm.

I’ll share openly what worked for me, and what didn’t, how I got around the tricky bits and survived the crappy bits, to create a business that feels like home, doing work we believe in.

We’ll discuss nuggets including tips for keeping the doors open and the work coming, staying sane when demand fluctuates between crazy and crickets, marketing your credibility in an online world of instant fixes and glamour solutions, choosing where to invest your energy, and even a few funny stories about working with your husband in case any of you are crazy enough to do that. A light-hearted but honest and practical look at growing your business.

World Tableau: Tannis Goddard

Based in Vancouver Canada, Tannis Goddard is a world leader in career development interventions that integrate multiple learning modalities. She is the CEO of MixtMode, an organisation involved in projects that research, assess, design, develop, implement, support and evaluate effective models for the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) within Career Development Services. 

Tannis has worked with career practitioners, specific client groups, state and provincial government, employers and funding bodies across a wide geography to develop programmes and service delivery models that integrate the needs of the users with local labour market realities. 

Tannis is our World Tableau guest this year and will deliver a video presentation providing a personal response and a global perspective on the Conference theme.

Workshop Presenter: Xanthe Sulzberger

Xanthe Sulzberger is the General Manager, NZ for Joy Business Academy. Xanthe’s background is in education. She holds a Masters in Education Leadership and left her role as a secondary school principal to use her skills and interest in technology to help young NZers in another way. She is also interested in raising awareness for careers in technology. Xanthe will present this workshop:

Using technology in career coaching / guidance

NZ company Joy Business Academy (JBA) partners government and industry to create technological tools for learners, job seekers and employers. Learn how Virtual Reality, Gamification, Apps and other technology can be used as career development tools to broaden aspirations, teach and assess real world skills and attributes, test for prior learning in a recruitment process and more.

Workshop Presenter: Kanika Naug

Kanika has been working in Vocational Rehabilitation since 2007, providing IOA and work ready services in addition to working in the Disability sector and employment. Kanika is currently working in the vocational rehabilitation sector under the ACC Back to Work contract with APM Workcare. She has been in her current role for almost 6 years now. Her mantra in working in the rehab sector has been listening well, understanding the context and approaching every situation positively that leads to best outcomes for both the clients and the organisation. A blend of roles in academics and consultancy has provided her with the wisdom to be patient and never miss the bigger picture. Kanika will co-present Vocational Rehabilitation from a career practitioners perspective with Jo Protzman.

Workshop Presenter: Jo Protzman

Jo Protzman has been working in Vocational Rehabilitation since 2007 when she first started completing initial occupational and vocational independence assessments. She is currently a professional CDANZ member and working to provide vocational rehabilitation under the ACC Back to Work contract within the BOP region. She has been in her current role for 4.5 years and enjoys the complexities of the clients that are referred. Career transformation and identification of meaningful endeavour’s has become the focus of programmes to empower clients to regain their independence. Jo will co-present this workshop with Kanika Naug:

Vocational Rehabilitation from a career practitioners perspective

Join two of APM Workcare’s experienced Vocational Consultants for an in depth look at how vocational consultants work differs from “mainstream” career practice. We will investigate the complexities and psycho social barriers often encountered by Vocational Consultants and how to implement a service which meets the needs of multiple stakeholders including the client and ACC.

Workshop Presenter: Robyn Bailey

Robyn Bailey has been involved in the worlds of career development and education since the late 1980s, teaching at tertiary level, training and mentoring career practitioners, and counselling individuals and groups. She has designed and developed institutional career development programmes and services, academic advising and foundation programmes and career centres, as well as consulting to organisations. Currently she is interested in the idea of career competence and meaning making for clients, and the links between professionalism and competencies for practitioners.

M Soc Sci (Career Education), Cert Professional Supervision, Cert Adult and Tertiary Education, National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education, COP Clinical Chemistry. Memberships: CDANZ, NCDA, IAEVG. Robyn will co-present Effective learning groups and the use of research to enhance your practice with Merrie McDougall. 

Workshop Presenter: Merrie McDougall

Merrie McDougall has worked in career development for the past decade as a consultant with a diverse range of client groups, such as young adults (including international students) moving from tertiary into work, as well as refugee clients of all ages. She also regularly runs tertiary workshops for students interested in career planning, CV writing, and job interview preparation, as well as workshops for older adults who are planning an ‘un’-retirement (or purposeful retirement involving change). Merrie is also interested in research, particularly working with themes of study and work identity, and the effect on careers.

Merrie holds a Master in Career Development, Graduate Diploma in Career Development, BA (Psych) and is currently an Executive Committee member of the CDANZ. Merrie will co-present this workshop with Robyn Bailey: 

Effective learning groups and the use of research to enhance your practice

Working collaboratively with others is a requirement of almost all sectors of the workforce but we know that conflict and unequal contribution within teams can negatively affect outcomes, even to the point of discouraging some from working with others at all, thus limiting their career options. Merrie McDougall undertook a research project with students in a tertiary education music school to gain an understanding of what contributed to effective and less effective group work (bands) to identify how she might best support her clients in this area. In this presentation she will share findings on intragroup relationships and identify specific strategies that might optimise group effectiveness. In her role as Supervisor and sounding board Robyn Bailey will speak to the process of walking alongside the researcher and how other practitioners might also use their own research to enhance their practice.

Workshop Presenter : Caroline Sandford

 Caroline Sandford has worked with individuals and organisations for the last 30 years – as a Private Career Practitioner, Consultant, Lecturer, Career Counsellor, HR Manager and Productivity Analyst. Caroline is serving her second term on the National Executive of CDANZ currently leading the Professionalism Project in developing professional standards. Caroline has a Grad Cert in Career Development, a MA in Industrial Psychology (Hons), is a certified coach, a fellow member of CDANZ and a member of ICF and CATE.

Caroline will co-present Did the future just sneak up on us? A for profit social enterprise model in career practice with her colleagues from The Career Development Company.

Workshop Presenter : Amanda Smidt

Amanda Smidt has enjoyed a career spanning secondary education, vocational and industry training, and career development. With a systems theory worldview, Amanda’s work has at its heart people and their context. She advocates for, and values, the transformative influence authentic life-long learning can have on individuals’ motivation to envision and enact a meaningful future self. Amanda is a graduate of the Master of Professional Practice (Career Development), a member of CATE, a professional member of CDANZ and on the Professionalism Project team.

Amanda will co-present Did the future just sneak up on us? A for profit social enterprise model in career practice with her colleagues from The Career Development Company.

Workshop Presenter : Julie Thomas

 Julie Thomas is passionate about the benefits of career development services, having worked in the careers field for nearly three decades – as a career practitioner, national trainer, business development manager, programme manager, senior leader and business owner. She has an interest in diversity issues in career development, in particular of gender and ageing. Julie is a Life Member of CDANZ, Co-Chair of the Wellington Branch, and on the Professionalism Project and advocacy team.

Julie will co-present Did the future just sneak up on us? A for profit social enterprise model in career practice with her colleagues from The Career Development Company.

Workshop Presenter: Dr Val O'Reilly

Dr Val O’Reilly views career as a life story that unfolds in remarkable ways. She enjoys engaging with others on their journey to resolve indecision and effect positive change in their lives through making meaning of their career story. Developing a career is a complex process of managing life, learning, and work. As a career professional Val is trained and qualified to support organisations in their career service delivery and to help individuals explore and design who they want to become.

Val will co-present this workshop with her colleagues from The Career Development Company.

Did the future just sneak up on us? A for profit social enterprise model in career practice

Greater understanding is needed about the For Profit Social Enterprise model in career practice. In 2018 we were four individuals leading busy, interesting lives. We were also four highly qualified and experienced career professionals who had collaborated in a range of volunteer projects to add value to the professionalism of the career field in New Zealand. We came together as a company because we knew we shared a common purpose and were confident we could contribute to positive change through designing and delivering career solutions for individuals and organisations to thrive. And from experience we believed we would be more effective as a team rather than separately. Our presentation will highlight steps we took to develop our innovative business model, potentially inspire other practitioners to adopt For Profit Social Enterprise as an approach to practice, and serve as a stimulus for research.

Workshop Presenter: Geoff Pearman

Managing Director of Trans-Tasman Company Partners in Change, and founder of Senior Entrepreneurs New Zealand, Geoff is a speaker, commentator, consultant and thought leader on the subject of ageing workforces and populations. He is a member of the International Federation on Ageing, he is on the Independent Advisory Group on the Positive Ageing Strategy Review for the Office for Seniors. Geoff published his book DOING IT DIFFERENTLY _ Age and Work After 50 in 2016. He is a member of Massey University’s research team - HART (Health, Ageing and Retirement Team). Geoff holds an MA (Hons 1st), BA, Dip Social Work, Cert Contd Ed. During his varied career he has worked in both New Zealand and Australia in the social services, Government and University sector. Geoff will present:

Work today and tomorrow - through the lens of longevity

Increasing life expectancy is a triumph in public health presenting new opportunities for individuals at all life stages, employers, communities and society at large but it will require a rethink of the conventional ways we have looked at ageing, work and careers.

A female born in 1916 was expected at birth to live to around 70. Fast forward 100 years and a female born in 2016 is now projected to live to 93. The 100-year life is in reach. We also know that increasing numbers of people are already re-imagining the life course and staying on in work longer through choice and from necessity with over 44 percent of people currently aged 65-69 still in paid employment. In fact, longevity has implications for people at all life stages. Whatever the age of your clients they are facing a longer life than any generation before them.

We regularly hear about the challenges of an ageing workforce but Geoff will caution us to change our language around age and work and will remind us of the opportunities that come from viewing career development through the lens of longevity. Geoff will share the most current international trends in responding to the needs of a multigenerational workplace, and also introduce his current research into Kaumatua/Senior Entrepreneurship in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Download a special offer and information on how to order Geoff’s book Doing It Differently. Lfe & Work After 60. 

Workshop Presenter: Andrew Tui

Andrew Tui is an Auckland-based careers practitioner of Samoan and Chinese descent. With 10 years of industry experience, he has worked extensively in the Tertiary and Secondary education space. Andrew is an active member of CDANZ, having undertaken roles in the Auckland branch and National Executive, and initiating the Māori and Pasifika Career Practitioners Network. He is currently working as the Employability Manager at Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus. Andrew will present:

Our future. Our voice. Sharing perspectives from Māori and Pacific career practioners based in Aotearoa

As a whanau of career practitioners we would like to share our perspectives of ‘who we are’ as practitioners and explore how this informs our views of what changes to career practice are needed towards a sustainable future for Māori and Pacific peoples. We will share our thoughts using video clips and develop our perspectives using practice-wisdom and academic sources.

“That Māori, Pacific and Asian peoples will form an increasing proportion of the population, especially in New Zealand’s largest cities, is obvious; but, having known this for two decades, it is less obvious what we have done to make our future happen. Knowing the future will be profoundly different, has not led to our working differently”. (Damon Salesa, 2017).

Workshop Presenter: Yolanda Li

Yolanda Li is a professional Career Development practitioner specialised in career consulting and employability skills coaching. She provides high quality tailored career service to facilitate career exploration, career planning, decision-making and employability enhancement. She work together with clients of all ages, ethnicities and stages and aims to empower clients on their career development journey by helping them increase self-awareness, self-esteem and self-efficacy through quality professional career facilitation. Being member of both Career Development Association New Zealand and Asia Pacific Career Development Association, she has participated in conferences in both NZ and the Asia-Pacific region, and has been awarded the 2018 New Emerging Leader scholarship of APCDA. Yolanda also actively promotes career development concepts and services to various communities in NZ and in the Asia Pacific region.

Yolanda will co-present Future Trends and Career Development in the age of Industry 4.0 with Shailan Patel.

Workshop Presenter : Shailan Patel

Shailan is passionate about helping students catapult from the education sector into meaningful employment. His career has been diverse, having worked in sales and advertising for three of NZ’s largest media companies, and he is now leading the education channel for MYOB nationwide. He’s working alongside accounting students, young Kiwi entrepreneurs, and helping students to see the growing opportunities in a career in tech. Shailan is no stranger to the stage - having presented an industry perspective at various education and tech events across the country. 

Shailan will co-present this workshop with Yolanda Li:

Future Trends and Career Development in the age of Industry 4.0

Are you ready for the magnitude of change we are experiencing? Rapid technological advancements, shifting economies and increasing globalisation has changed the workplace. How do we embrace and leverage emerging technologies? How can people navigate career development in environments where everything we know is being changed? How do career practitioners help people in the new age of Industry 4.0? This session will share learnings and facilitate discussions about the impact these changes place on career development of individuals, as well as the opportunities they bring for them to thrive, not just survive!

Workshop Presenter: Kathryn Jackson

Kathryn Jackson lives in Christchurch and is a Leadership Coach with over 20 years of HR consulting and career coaching experience across a variety of industries. She is currently the Executive Coaching Associate for the NZ Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience. Kathryn holds first-class and master’s degrees specializing in HR and Motivation at Work, trained with the Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring, is a Fellow with the CIPD (UK) and was awarded Senior Practitioner Accreditation with the EMCC. Her book, Resilience at Work: Practical Tools for Career Success was a Finalist for in the Business Book Awards (London, UK) and is currently a nominee for the Australian Career Book Awards. Social Profile: 

Building a stronger practice - for today and tomorrow

Around NZ$1.5 billion/year is lost due to workplace absence and stress, the average worker checks their mobile phone around 150 times a day and up to 40% of the workforce think it’s impossible to succeed at work and have a balanced life (Wellness in the Workplace Report, 2017). In our modern world, career coaching shouldn’t just be about defining and achieving career success, but also helping our clients to more effectively navigate the highs and lows of the journey. This workshop will help you to consider the latest findings from wellbeing and resilience research and consider ways to include them into your career practice so you can help your clients become even stronger on their journey to achieving their career goals, and future proof your own career coaching practice.

Download a special offer and information on how to order Kathryn’s book Resilience at Work: Practical Tools for Career Success. 

Workshop Presenter: Max Harrē

Max Harrē has held management and research positions in several organisations including as a Senior Research Fellow at University of Auckland. He works full time with Frances in their consultancy. His focus is seminar and workshop development, research into the future of work, executive coaching and training management practice. Qualifications: MSc (Hons) Resource Management; MA (Hons) Philosophy; Dip Teaching; BSc Physics; Co-author of “Work Passion Power: Strategies for a working life you will love” (Dunmore Publishing).

Along with Frances Harrē, Max will present the workshop Unpacking ‘Emancipatory Careers’ - Critical tools for growing client capability to engage with their careers and workplaces.

Workshop Presenter: Frances Harrē

Frances Harrē, Co-Director of Forte Career & Business Designs Ltd, is an experienced career and executive coach who, with Max, runs training programmes for a range of businesses and organisations focussing on communication, performance effectiveness and well-being at work. Frances’ background includes counselling, training and facilitating people to find and build the work future they really want. Qualifications: B.A. Social Science - Double Major in Psychology and Sociology; Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education Specialising in Career Development; Co-author of “Work Passion Power: Strategies for a working life you will love” (Dunmore Publishing)

Along with Max Harrē, Frances will present the workshop: 

Unpacking ‘Emancipatory Careers’ - Critical tools for growing client capability to engage with their careers and workplaces

Moving career practice strongly towards emancipatory career development means increasing our focus on building client agency, their engagement with their career development and their capacity for ongoing action.

What are the skills needed for this kind of personal leadership and increased agency? The core is a practice framework for strengthening client relationship building skills. These are largely client conversational and informal research skills. We look at the foundations needed to build these, what they comprise, and what clients can do to optimise their learning from this work. These skills are at the operational heart of emancipatory career development. They make practical what “ongoing learning” means for career development, including career choices, career development, navigating workplace challenges, and changes in the nature of work itself.

Professional development implications are touched on.

Workshop Presenter: Jo Davies

Jo Davies has worked full-time as a self-employed career counsellor for 10 years. She has graduate diplomas in career development (AUT) and psychology (Massey University) and a PhD in marine geochemistry from University of Paris XI, France. Prior to moving into career development she worked nationally and overseas in science research, consultancy and systems development. Jo is now enjoying coupling her career counselling experience with these skills to enhance practice and develop solutions for the careers field. Jo will present:

From traditional to software supported career direction counselling… and then into the future

Jo has created a career direction counselling software tool to enable her to work with clients in an interactive and flexible manner and harness the benefits of technology to modernise her practice. The Career Sense Insight system is based on established career theory and informed by Jo’s own career counselling practice model, and over-comes the limitations of existing tools. Jo will explain her the reasons for developing the system and case studies will be presented to demonstrate its use. Jo will also tell you about progress towards her ultimate goal, to develop a fully adaptive online career system that replicates, as much as practicable, the advantages and unique features of best practice career direction counselling, including self-understanding and meaning making, to generate career options for users in a meaningful way. 

Workshop Presenter: Heather Lowery-Kappes

Heather has a Master of Counselling, Graduate Diploma in Career Development and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management. She is Vice President of the Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ). Heather is currently a Career Development Advisor at the University of Waikato and also works in private practice. Her educational and vocational background is in human resources, training for employment, development, and supported employment. Heather is particularly interested in working with people helping them make successful career transitions/pivots.

Heather will co-present this workshop along with Dr Suzette Dyer and Fiona Hurd:

Strengthening understanding of career theory in practice in the learning space

As careers practitioners and academics, we want to bring the theory and practice of career management and development to life for our HRM students. Indeed, we base our work on the assumption that career planning, managing and developing is an interactive, continuous process. Human Resource Management Practitioners are responsible for career management within their wider role. Within the context of the HRM Major, our Career Management and Development course initially focused on analysing careers within the political-economy. Amidst changing labour market conditions, the course left a gap in our HRM students’ learning in what it means to manage careers today and tomorrow. In 2015, we redesigned the course to strengthen student understanding of career theory in practice by utilising experiential learning exercises. This workshop will reflect on the course redesign, and present some ideas of experiential learning practices that you may be able adapt to your own practice.

Workshop Presenter: Dr Suzette Dyer

Dr Suzette Dyer is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Waikato, within the Waikato Management School. Her PhD examined career management and development within the political-economy of New Zealand during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Suzette has a keen interest in career and management, women’s organisational experiences, and management pedagogy and has been teaching, researching and publishing in these areas for nearly two decades. Suzette is currently researching the effectiveness of education on enhancing HRM students understanding of career.

Suzette contributed to the workshop Strengthening understanding of career theory in practice in the learning space which will be presented by Heather Lowery-Kappes and Fiona Hurd.

Workshop presenter: Fiona Hurd

Fiona Hurd is a Senior Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology. Her teaching and research focuses on the impact of changes in work and organisation on business, workers, communities and individuals. She also has a strong research background in teaching and learning research, being involved in research in this area for 10 years. Fiona is currently researching techniques for engaging students in developing the skills needed in an increasing changing work and societal context.

Fiona will co-present Strengthening understanding of career theory in practice in the learning space with Heather Lowery-Kappes and Dr Suzette Dyer.

Workshop Presenter : Paula Rewi

Of Ngati Kahungunu decent, Paula is based in the Hawkes Bay Region and is the Managing Director of Accomplish Vocational Services; a provider of vocational rehabilitation and career development services in both the public and private sectors. Paula has been involved in the development of a career model of practice for working with Maori, and is passionate about working with sole parents to assist them in achieving their career goals and enhancing their lives and the lives of their dependants. Paula holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Sociology), and P. Grad. Dip Arts (Psychology). She is the Branch Leader of the Hawkes Bay East Coast division of CDANZ and a member of the CDANZ National Executive Team.

Paula will co-present Project 1000: Training and in work support for sole parents in the seasonal labour market with Robyn Leake.

Workshop Presenter : Robyn Leake

Passionate about her work, Robyn is the Hawkes Bay East Coast Labour Market Manager for the Ministry of Social Development. She works proactively engaging employers, and negotiates services and contracts to facilitate New Zealanders engaging in meaningful work with suitable career plan for the future. Robyn is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology).

Robyn will co-present this workshop with Paula Rewi:

Project 1000: Training and in work support for sole parents in the seasonal labour market

This innovative approach to meet seasonal labour market shortages in the Horticultural industry in the Hawkes Bay Labour Market is the result of partnerships between local employers, iwi, central government and training providers. Job share positions were created with ‘mummy hours’ to access the previously untapped labour market of sole parents. Intensive pre-employment support, and ongoing pastoral care was put in place involving employers, vocational consultants, support networks, agencies and community organisations. Hear how this regional collaboration delivered positive outcomes for a specific client group, addressed labour market shortages, reduced the cost to MSD, and enhanced the lives of participants and their families.

Workshop Presenter: Pat Cody

Pat Cody has been in career industry in New Zealand for 22 years. Twenty-one year of that has been with government as career consultant, team leader and knowledge management while. In the last year he has been working in the private sector doing vocational rehabilitation work and leading a digital community initiative in Whangarei. Pat is currently on the CDANZ executive involved in the advocacy team. Pat, passionate about career development, also has a strong interests in information design and illustrating.

Pat will co-present Rebels with a cause: Career professionals contribution to Systems Thinking with Lisa Halvorson

Workshop Presenter: Lisa Halvorson

Lisa Halvorson has organically arrived at this career through a thriving interest in Amateur Psychology, or Headology if you will. Helping people when she was in the various roles previous to this self made career gave her the impetus to leap from the safety of the stable employment realm to the more challenging terrains, and spheres of a self-made business creator. People are naturally drawn to her annoying way of asking the one question that cuts through all the minutiae and frames a more direct line for them, clearly setting out their desires and wishes. Lisa has with the help of her dynamic team designed a more engaging site to clearly and succinctly display an illuminated path from Education to Employment.
Lisa will co-present this workshop with Pat Cody:
Rebels with a case: Career professionals contribution to systems thinking

Career professionals have the potential to make greater contributions to systems thinking and community driven initiatives. Whangarei education to employment (e2e) digital initiative is an example of career professionals leading a community initiative. Embedded at the core of this initiative is digital system thinking, leadership and career development principles. This workshop will share all learnings from this community driven initiative.

Work Connect Group

Josiane McGregor, Prathishtha Purohit and Vaidehi Kavthekar are a passionate Work Connect Group, who like to help people with different needs in their career management in NZ. This expert group, with a combined career experience of more than 30 years and complimentary backgrounds in careers counselling, adult education and business has a commitment to continuous learning, and to updating their skills and knowledge to help their clients. They will present:

Career practitioners as tech warriors - a practical example

The Work Connect programme provides career support to skilled migrants who are struggling to make the transition to work in New Zealand. We work with a wide range of clients but we were limited by our physical location and working in core office hours. Technology provided the solution as we developed online tools to reach our clients regardless of where they are located in New Zealand and when they are available to attend the programme.


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