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2018 CDANZ National Symposium Papers

The following papers, videos and speaker notes were produced for the 2018 CDANZ National Symposium: Social Justice held in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington and the Tertiary Education Commission on 23 & 24 October 2018. 

Key Notes

Socially just practice: Making sense and moving forward by Professor Jenny Bimrose, University of Warwick. See slides. Request video -

The Infinite Game by Dr Niki Harre. University of Auckland. See slides. Request video -

Culture Infused Career Counselling by Dr Nancy Arthur, University of Calgary - contact

World Tableau

Interview with Professor Ronald G Sultana, University of Malta. See slides. Request video -

Discount voucher and order form for Career guidance for social justice: Contesting neo-liberalism by Tristram Hooley, Ronald Sultana and Rie Thomsen 

Read Ronald's handbook Enhancing the quality of career qguidance in secondary schools 

Learn more about the Doctoral Summer School at University of Malta 2019

Dinner Addresses

Delivered by Rebecca Stewart, founder of Pomegranate Kitchen

Delivered by Carolyn Alchin, Vice President of CDAA - Career Development Association of Australia

The Treaty - Why it matters in our work

Richard Green delivered a presentation on behalf of the Treaty Resource Centre.

A series of webinars, to further investigate this topic, will be available through CDANZ soon. 

Landscape Scan 

Read a summary of current research and leading practice projects 

Concurrent Workshops

The future of work - Lee Brodie

Why kindness? - Lila Pulsford

Expanding learning opportunities: valuing and validating difference - Glenys Ker and Heather Carpenter

The rise of microcredentials - Anthony Naganathan

Resilience at work: A critical factor for all New Zealanders - Kathryn Jackson

Help! A robot took my job. Technological unemployment and social justice - Robyn Bailey

NZDF Leading social equity through career development - Jenny Bean (contact

Career success: Who decides? - Heather Lowery-Kappes

Social justice and women's careers - Suzette Dyer

Fees dilemma - Joanne Ostler

Tapping into resilience: A strength based approach to support people from refugee backgrounds - Jessica King and Claire Speedy

Shining a social justice lens on the professional identity of school career practitioners - Val O'Reilly. Unfortunately the Power Point is not available but if you have questions about the research please contact Val on

Nurturing 'possible selves' - Amanda Smidt

Power dynamics and reflective practice in career development - Raewyn Laurenson and Sarah Proctor Thomson

Valuing the worth of people. Towards social justice (1 client at a time) - Max and Frances Harre

Does New Zealand's job market raise barriers to new migrants? - Jean Ottley. Contact -

Students views on employers and cybervetting - Sam Young

It takes a city to raise a graduate - Richard Norman

When the bill payer isn't in the room - Heather Lowery-Kappes

The Veterans' Rehabilitation Strategy - Brid White

Working with millenials - Grant Verhoeven and Shailan Patel. Contact