Career Development Association of New Zealand


2016 CDANZ National Symposium Papers

The following papers and speakers notes were produced for the October 2016 CDANZ National Symposium for research and leading practice in career development - in partnership with Careers New Zealand and Ara Institute of Canterbury.

Key Notes

Our Value our Voice Peter McIlveen video Link 

· Our Value, Our Voice – Peter McIveen PhD, University of Southern Queensland 
· 7 Keys to a Successful Personal Brand for Career Professionals - Tom O’Neil

 World Tableau

· How can our values inform our voice – Tristram Hooley, University of Derby (to be loaded shortly)
· The Ethics of Advocacy: Using your voice to champion change - Roberta Neault, Life Strategies Ltd
· Advocacy for Career Counselling – Asian Perspective – Need for current times – Raza Abbas (to be loaded shortly)

Concurrent Workshop Presentations

· Beyond the routine: Developing careers with transformational learning experiences – Karen Vaughan, NZCER

· Entrepreneurs of ourselves: When vocational rehabilitation is Career Development and why that matters – Jo Fadyl, AUT

· Create a sustainable self-employed career practice – Lee Brodie, Career Dynamic

· Youth Guarantee: Improving the achievement, retention and transition of our 16-24 year old learners – Trevor McIntyre, Ministry of Education

· Celebrating difference: Differentiated communication in a guidance role – Sue Blair, Career Dynamics

· Working collaboratively in private practice – Kaye Avery, Caroline Sandford and Janet Tuck, The Career Associates

· New Zealand employers and cybervetting – Sam Young 

· Preferences for early retirement: The role of work related factors – Toni Fowlie

· Plan for success and prove it happened! – Helen McPhunn, LEARNPLUS

· Using ACT Therapeutic Strategies to assist clients in finding their voice - Claire Pearce, Iolite Coaching and Consulting

· Transferable skills and personal attributes – Lee Brodie, Career Dynamic

The Attitude Gap Challenge - Joseph Randall, Hugh Kettlewell, Astrid Van Holten