Career Development Association of New Zealand


2014 CDANZ National Symposium

The highly successful CDANZ 2014 Symposium for research and leading practice in career development was recently held in Auckland. Presentations given are now available.

Symposium Booklet 

Theme: Identity
Date: Monday 17th November
Location: Auckland venue
Venue: Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG), AUT University map

We gratefully acknowledge AUT Business School as the major sponsor of the 2014 National Symposium.

Practitioners working in the career development industry know the complexity of our work in helping individuals manage the process of life, learning, and work across their life stages. Working with organisations and individuals to effectively support the human side of business and change challenges us to better understand the shifting landscape of our work.

On Monday 17 November 2014 the CDANZ Symposium will be held in Auckland, and will focus on identity and how awareness of self, others, and context contributes to more effective and inclusive career development practice.

The 2014 National Symposium seeks to:

  • advance knowledge and practice in understanding the relationships between personal, professional, and organisational identity
  • highlight key research, policy, and practice advances related to identity
  • reflect on the impact of technology and social media on personal, professional, and organisational identity.

Keynote Speakers

Associate Professor Polly Parker

Polly Parker is an Associate Professor in leadership at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia where she leads the management Cluster within the Business School. She has a background and life-long interest in teaching and learning, applied in both academic and corporate settings. Her PhD, from The University of Auckland, looked at Career Communities as sites for development through a broad range of relationships. Her international profile in the careers field is marked by her work as the originator and co-developer of the Intelligent Career Card Sort™ which is used world-wide for research and practice in career development. It has been translated into seven languages and is used in many of the world's top Business Schools to support people's career development in an engaging and dynamic process of exploration. She has been a regular convener of the Careers Stream within the European Group of Organisation Studies and is a member of the executive committee of the careers division of the Academy of Management. Polly publishes academic articles in international peer reviewed refereed journals in her research areas of career management, peer coaching, leadership and the intersection of leadership and career development. 

Polly will share keen insights about how organisations and individuals can effectively support the human side of business and change. Her extensive knowledge and experience will underpin an illuminating presentation about the role of identity and its importance in career development. 

Dr Paul Wood

At 18 years old Paul Wood was completely off the rails. Not coping with the impending death of his mother, dependent on drugs; he was an unemployed high-school dropout committing crimes to feed his habit.

Two days after his mother died he lost control when his then drug dealer attempted to sexually assault him. Paul was convicted of murder for this offence and spent more than a decade in some of New Zealand’s toughest prisons. During this period Paul became the first person in New Zealand’s history to progress through undergraduate and Masters degrees while in prison. He was also the first person to begin a Doctorate while incarcerated. Paul’s educational pursuits acted as the catalyst for a journey of personal exploration and change, both of which would see him leave prison with an awareness of the fundamental issues that people face when trying to create real change, the best techniques for helping people achieve their goals and cope with adversity, and a deep understanding of how to make the most out of a bad situation. These days Paul spends most of his time assisting senior leaders with their professional development across the public and private sector. He also works with at-risk teens to help them better understand who they want to be in life and how to get there.

 Dr Paul Wood will be talking at the Symposium about the importance of identity in making difficult changes and unleashing our potential. To illustrate the importance of identity Paul will be taking about his own experience of transformational change and growth and the more general psychological themes that underpin the experience of flourishing for us all. His presentation will be engaging and allow the audience to pick up skills and techniques that will assist them to have the will-power and resilience to live up to being the people they most wish to be.