Career Development Association of New Zealand


2008 CDANZ Research Symposium

The following papers and speakers notes were produced for the February 2008 career research symposium, which was co-hosted in Auckland with AUT.

Papers are listed by author's name (Index of Paper):

  • Robyn Bailey and Michael Richardson The LGBT Bottleneck: What impact does a focus on sexual identity have on vocational identity and career development?
  • Heather Carpenter The PAIL Model - Using a research model for everyday practice
  • Suzette Dyer and Debra Jones Young women law and management students’ perceptions of the gains made and continued barriers to their future career status
  • Gill England, Astrid van Holten and Julie Urbahn Career Services - Better Tertiary and Trade Training Decision Making project (Telephone Guidance Pilot)
  • Maria Humphries and Patty McNicholas Career research as career development and transformational praxis. Maori women and careers in accounting: Service to empire or the seeds of subalternity?
  • Kerr Inkson The New International Careers: Implications for Career Practitioners?
  • Glenys Ker Forced Retirement of NZ Elite Athletes
  • Marjolein Lips-Wiersma Organizational career development is not dead: A case study on managing the new career during organizational change
  • Tess Livingstone Parents as consumers of school career services: a survey of parent preferences
  • Robert Manthei Keynote - Encouraging career counsellors to become active researchers and users of research
  • Robert Manthei Powerpoint - Encouraging career counsellors to become active researchers and users of research
  • John McCarthy Powerpoint - Public policy research in career guidance: An international overview
  • Arron Perriam Early intervention voc rehab for people with serious spinal injury
  • Edwina Pio Ethnic imprint? Career conversations with Indian women in New Zealand
  • Jennifer Ross The career as coincidence: an examination of the role of opportunity, chance and unplanned events on the careers of five mid life career women in Northland