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Consultation event: Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways

Consultation event: Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways

Online with Zoom / Nov / Dec 2019

We are reviewing CDANZ Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways - what will that mean for you, your clients and our association?

Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways are a component of the CDANZ Professional Standards. At the recent CDANZ Conference and AGM a discussion document was shared with members proposing changes to the current entry level qualifications and member pathways. We are excited about the opportunities these changes could unlock for CDANZ and its members - they will shape the future of our organisation so you need to be part of the process! 

On November 6, we delivered an introductory webinar for members who were unable to attend the presentation on the Entry Level Qualification and Member Pathways Discussion Document at Conference.  You can now watch the webinar recording here. We apologise there are some sound issues at the beginning of the recording but they do resolve themselves. 

Once you have read the discussion document and watched the webinar you will be in a good position to participate in our upcoming consultation events. These are designed to ensure all perspectives are considered and that we, collectively, make the right decisions for CDANZ and its members.

Interest Group Online Discussions

Once you are familiar with the Discussion Document we invite you to join an online conversation with your peers to discuss what the recommendations would mean to you in your practice, to your clients, your employer and all other stakeholders who may be impacted by the change. Whether you work in Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Private Practice, or another environment, this is an opportunity to tease out the implications of the recommendations in your area of practice. We will be holding three sessions aligned to the most common work-streams for our members, however, please feel free to join whichever one you choose, or more than one; the work-streams are just to enable discussion around potentially common issues or questions for those with a specific interest. 

No matter where you work, we need all your questions and ideas as we test the proposal from different perspectives.

Tues 26 Nov – 12 noon: Education focus, All Welcome

Thurs 28 Nov – 12 noon: Vocational Rehabilitation focus, All Welcome

Wed 4 Dec – 12 noon: Private Practice & Corporate focus, All Welcome