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Online PD Opportunities

Online PD Opportunities

In the era of social distancing


You may claim everything on this list as PD hours. 

Talking Careers

In these 50 minute sessions a guest facilitator will lead a conversation on a specific topic aligned with the CDANZ Competency Framework. No RSVPs needed, just jump online on the day. If you are asked for a Passcode it will be "CDANZ."

Where we have permission to record these sessions the recordings will be shared in the Online Resources table below and in our archive of Past Webinars. 

Ethical scenarios in career practice

Monday 30 November, 7.00pm

This is an opportunity to brush up on CDANZ Code of Ethics and reflect on how you apply it in your practice. We will be considering a variety of ethical scenarios that could arise in your practice. We look forward to your participation in this live and interactive discussion.

Online Resources

Dive into these fabulous free resources. We will update them regularly. If you are aware of other links that we could add to this list please email them to

Please also look out for new research, reports and upcoming webinars in our fortnightly e-newsletters.

Keep an eye on CDANZ Facebook page and CDANZ Linkedin Group, and monitor the news and social media from our Industry Links for further opportunities. 


Emergency Exit: challenges and priorities for the post COVID recovery with Tony Wilson - Director of the Institute for Employment Studies, Wed 9 December. This is a free webinar but you will need to book. 

Please refer to the full Competency Framework here. 


Free Professional Learning Opportunity

Career Theory

Prof. Tristram Hooley hosted a Talking Careers session on Why a social justice informed approach to career guidance matters in the time of coronavirus Read his article. View his slides. Watch the video. Read his website.

CDANZ Competency Framework links: 1.1 , 1.2, 4.2

CERIC Webinar Series: Career Theories and Models at Work:

  • Dialogical Self-Theory, Michael Healy, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • Career Writing, Reinekke Lengelle, Athabasca University & The Hague UniversitCognitive Information Processing Theory, Debra Osborn, Florida State Universityy
  • Ecological Career Counselling, Mei Tang, University of Cincinati
  • Career Choice and Attainnment Model (PK-12), Kimberly Howard, Boston University
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Tom Luken, Netherlands
  • Santé psychologique au travail, Simon Viviers, Université Laval
  •  Action décisionnelle adaptive, Louis Cournoyer, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Theory of Work Adjustment, Jon Woodend, James Cook University, Australia
  • Psychology of Working Theory, David Blustein, Boston College

Watch a keynote video where Mark Savickas talks about his Life Design Theory

Watch a video interview with Jim Bright on his Chaos Theory

Professional Practice Management

Watch Talking Careers with Carolyn Alchin on CDAA research Career Development Works!. Consider how you can better evaluate and measure your impact and use that evidence to support your work/profession. 

Read the CDANZ Code of Ethics and reflect on how you use it in your practice.

Watch these narrated slides from Dr Roberta Neault on The Ethics of Advocacy: Using your voice to champion change.

Familiarise yourself with the websites and resources available through CDANZ affiliate organisations and international peers:



Watch the recorded CERIC webinar series on Thriving Through Chaos: How to manage your mental and emotional wellbeing and how to help your clients do the same, with Shellie Deloyer:

You can also request a Thriving Through Chaos workbook here.

E-Learning modules on Employment and Privacy on from the Privacy Commission

Professional Practice Application

Watch the Apprenticeships and Trades Training Update presented by TEC and CDANZ Auckland in August

Watch the guest presentations from CDANZ Auckland's AGM. The Future of Work is Here - Exploring connectivity as saviour or devil, with Dr Lena Waizenegger, and Managing change and transitions from Mark and Julie Sames

Use the Reflective Practice tool in CDANZ Pātaka Kōrero to examine your own practice

Join Russell Booth FMCDANZ in a webinar as he discusses the Young Person's Brain and why it is hard for them to make good career decisions. How might we incorporate neuro-science into careers practice?

CDANZ Practice Guidelines. Read and then consider the Practice Reflections on each document:

  • Digital Technologies
  • Professional Supervision and Mentoring
  • Third Party Work
  • Working with people with mental health conditions

Watch these short videos from NZ practitioners on their different practice approaches. Then reflect on your own practice approach, how it may have evolved over time, how you adapt it for different client needs:


Technology, Information and Resources

View CICA's on-demand videos from Australian Careers Week 2020. Some are more relevant to the NZ context than others. Select with care. 

Explore Statistics NZs current employment stats in their Covid19 portal. 

CEDA have several recorded webinars about business management and embracing change during Covid-19. Some of these are of use to private practitioners trying to sustain a business and others provide insight into the job market and business response.

Daily updates from Gillian Kelly on Linkedin on the impacts of COVID19 to careers. She shares strategies and resources for the careers community.

Watch Deirdre Hughes' Career Chat's from Lockdown on

Watch the free webinars available at present through Economic Development NZ

Stay abreast of Government interventions offered to support people through Covid19 – MSD, MBIE, Employment NZ

Watch Seed’s Podcast where Steven Moe interviews economist Shamubeel Eaqub on the economic impact of Covid19

Follow MBIE’s quarterly Labour Market Statistics (Employment) and relevant occasional reports

Advanced Communication Tools

Resources on Mindtools

Talking Careers recording with Raewyn Laurenson and CDANZ members on Raewyn's article Enhancing Coaching Effectiveness: A Case for Counselling Skills in Coaching Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand

Te Tiriti O Waitangi

CDANZ Treaty Basics Webinar series (2019) facilitated by Christine Herzog, Treaty Resource Centre.

Click here for readings referred to and slides used in the webinars.

Toku Reo
Television. Internet. Podcasts. Maori language in the new millennium.

He Papa Tikanga
NZ Certificate in Tikanga (Matauranga Maori) (Level 3)

Culture & Diversity

White Fragility: Why it's so hard for white people to talk about racism, a webinar with Dr Robin DiAngelo by Community Research NZ

Resources from Diversity Works – includes reading abour Gender Diversity, Neurodiversity, Unconscious Bias, Flexible Working and Parental Leave

Resources on Age and the Older Worker from Partners in Change

Readings and video on Unconscious Bias from the University of Auckland

How to outsmart your own unconscious bias – TedX Talk by Valerie Alexander

Unconscious bias: Sterotypical hiring practices – TedX Talk by Gail Tolstoi-Miller 

Real Skills plus Seitapu – a resource for working with Pacific Peoples

Engaging with Pacific Peoples, Careers NZ




Selected academic readings

Read the NZ Journal of Counselling

Working with people who have disabilities and /or mental health conditions

Engage with your peers in CDANZ Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioners private group

Refer to slides and readings from NZORC19

Design and deliver career development programmes

Resources available through the Auckland Co-design Lab.

Resources available through Seeds for Change

Undertake research

Read about CDANZ research funds

Contribute to or help develop policy

Read about CDANZ advocacy work to influence policy

Contact of you would like to support CDANZ government advocacy efforts.

Deliver organisational development

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