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Caroline Sandford FMCDANZ releases new book

Love Your Career from the Start
Making decisions for your future – a guide for young adults
by Caroline Sandford FMCDANZ

  • How do you figure out what sort of work is right for you?
  • Do you choose university, find a trade, or get a job?
  • What subjects do you study to make sure you then find work?
  • What if you choose a course or job you don’t like?
  • What if you decide on a line of work that doesn’t exist in five years’ time?
The answers start with first understanding how to make good decisions for yourself.

This practical book for 15–25 year-olds introduces the four key stages involved in making good decisions for your career. It contains easy exercises that will help you:
  • understand who you are and who you want to become,
  • explore the options that are right for you,
  • create an action plan that ensures you have what you need to realise your goals,
  • identify the strategies you need to create the future that YOU want.
Based on solid research and proven theory, this book will help give young people the clarity and confidence they need when deciding on their career and future world of work.
“For young people like me who might be struggling to find their direction, Love Your Career from the Start provides a helpful process. It breaks everything down into manageable steps and doesn’t overcomplicate things. What really helped me was understanding myself first before looking at what I might want to do for a career. I discovered how my personality and values could relate to my future job – it’s not all about my skillset and the money I could earn.”
– ALLIE, 17

“It’s excellent to have a comprehensive one-stop resource like this that you can refer to again and again. The exercises and activities helped me set up a pathway for my future in a way that feels natural and was easy to understand. Now I know there are more options available to me than what my family and friends want me to do. I want to follow my own aspirations rather than getting stuck in something I don’t really like.”
– TOM, 17

Caroline Sandford is a career specialist and certified coach with over 20 years' experience. She has an MA (Hons) in Industrial Psychology and a Graduate Certificate in Career Development. She is also a Fellow of CDANZ, and a member of HRNZ, CATE and ICF.

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A National Strategy for Careers and Employability is the "enduring solution" Hon. Grant Robertson is seeking


A National Strategy for Careers and Employability is the “enduring solution” Hon. Grant Robertson is seeking

In announcing the Covid Income Relief Payment this week the Hon. Grant Robertson stated the Government is also considering an “enduring solution” to support New Zealanders experiencing job loss beyond the current crisis. The Career Development Association of New Zealand (CDANZ) welcomes this news but also asks: where is a National Strategy for Careers and Employability that would underpin such an initiative?

While the permanent unemployment insurance scheme proposed by Business New Zealand and the Council of Trade Unions has real potential it must include a career development component to succeed. Alongside that recommendation, the Productivity Commission’s final report on Technology and the Future of Work (March 2020) also recommended “development of quality careers advice and services for New Zealanders of all ages”.

Career development lies at the heart of three main policy areas:

  • The effective functioning of the labour market and, through this, the economy
  • The effective functioning of the education system
  • Social equity, health, and wellbeing

Yet it is noticeably absent from New Zealand’s public policy in any practical, resourced manner.

It is ironic that we have a National Strategy for Financial Capability as is evident in this release from Minister Sepuloni this week, but no strategic approach to careers and employability. 

In 2009 New Zealand was a world leader in career development, and hosted the Symposium for the International Center for Career Development and Public Policy. Just over a decade later, when other OECD countries have implemented national strategies, our nation’s careers infrastructure has been systematically dismantled. Careers New Zealand, where everyday New Zealanders once accessed free, quality careers advice, no longer exists.

While the Tertiary Education Commission was given the mandate to deliver a cross-ministry Careers System Strategy for all ages and stages in 2017, after three years we are yet to see the delivery of any services to support New Zealanders through this period of massive change in labour market dynamics so publicised across all media for some years, and against all advice received from experts here and overseas.

If the government is serious about “cushioning the blow” for New Zealanders who are underemployed, in precarious employment, or made redundant, resourcing and implementation of a National Strategy for Careers and Employability is the “enduring solution”. Such a strategy would serve all New Zealanders, incorporating an Employment Insurance Scheme as well as targeted support for at-risk groups – Maori, Pasifika, students and whanau, youth, the aging workforce, people with disabilities, offenders returning to the workforce, veterans, migrants and refugees seeking meaningful work, and more.

In 2017 a key recommendation of the OECD report Back to Work New Zealand: Improving the re-employment prospects of displaced workers was to “strengthen career guidance and training counselling to better support adult workers in their training decisions.” There was a clear recognition in this report that this was a role for skilled career counsellors.


Further reading:


Recent announcements that could have been supported by an infrastructure built around a National Strategy for Careers and Employability:


Contact for interviews: Jennifer Miller, President -

Jennie can speak to any of these areas of expertise:

  • Career Research and Policy
  • Career Theory and Counselling
  • Practical tips - CV Preparation, Job Search Coaching, Interview Coaching
  • For those thrust into change – Transition Coaching, Outplacement, Retirement Planning
  • For those in the workforce - Career Development, Organisational Development
  • For students - Student and Graduate Guidance
  • Career Development and Health - Vocational support for People with Disabilities, Career Development and Mental Wellbeing


Or for more information: Lauren Hughes, National Development Manager, Ph 021 222 5682,





Free Roundtable Webinar Series - Diversity Works

Diversity Works' Roundtable webinar series - all five webinars now viewable at no cost on their website.

The five topics are:

• Diversity, inclusion and the future of workplace flexibility – how can we avoid a return to outdated work practices and embrace this opportunity to radically change what work looks like?

• Returning to a mentally resilient workplace – our panel of experts and business leaders consider mental health in the workplace and share their thoughts on contributing factors and the path to better resilience

• Brave conversations about cultural stigmatisation and respectful behaviour - how do we ensure that, when we go back to work, we are open and welcoming to all cultures, and that we have robust mechanisms in place to ensure respectful workplaces?

• Smaller team, more belonging - right-sizing through the lens of diversity and inclusion. This session looks at how to mitigate against bias when we need to restructure our organisations.

• Thrive - diversity as competitive advantage to navigating the new normal. This session looks at how the practise of inclusion is essential to challenge us to look at problems differently.

CDANZ Nelson/Marlborough Winter Webinar series (low cost & some free)

CDANZ Nelson/Marlborough has organised a Winter Webinar series. These webinar events are either low cost or free to CDANZ members and students. 

  1. Live Zoom Webinar: The Gig Economy with Sue Ellson
    15 July 2020, 4pm on Zoom (1 hour)
    Australian author, Independent LinkedIn Specialist and Career Development Practitioner Sue Ellson will share her lived experience and international insights into the gig economy, giving us a tour of the workplace and life choices we now have like never before. This presentation incorporates content from her fourth book, Gigsters (see her bibliography here: Sue is a gigster herself (a person who uses technology to attract aligned gigs), the founder of Newcomers Network (2001) and Camberwell Network (2012), and is a professional member of CDAA. There is a very small charge for this session: $5 for local CDANZ members and students: $15 for other CDANZ members; $20 for non-CDANZ members. Registration details to come.

  2. Live Zoom Webinar: gig work and its implications for practitioners with Mary McMahon
    12 August 2020
    , 4pm on Zoom (1 hour)
    Associate Professor Mary McMahon is taking an hour from her busy schedule to share a holistic look at work including gig work and also think about implications for practitioners. As well as being a superb researcher and academic writer, Mary is an undergraduate and postgraduate Honorary Senior Lecturer in career development and career counselling at the University of Queensland, Australia. Thanks to Mary’s generosity, this session is free to local CDANZ members and students. Registration details to come.


Recorded Zoom Webinar: Big Data and Career Development with Jennifer Luke (CDAA/CDANZ)
10 June 2020, 4pm on Zoom (1 hour)
Jennifer Luke guides us in finding and integrating occupational, labour market and societal data to help us to provide more specialised and focused career development in our communities. This webinar was a CDAA/CDANZ joint venture, originally broadcast in November 2019, and more can read about the content at Free to local CDANZ members and students. Register here:


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