Career Development Association of New Zealand


Ezine Number 9

Number 9, Summer 2010 / 2011

Santa, don't make me wait any longer. I want my Christmas Ezine. Now!!!!.

In this issue we offer a feast of career thoughts, news and insights. So tuck in.

First is the president's report with a great overview of what's been happening, including news about CDANZ joining an online networking site. But which one?

Linda Hutchings presented a professional development workshop at our recent AGM. She offers readers some thoughts about leadership.

Pat Cody shares his thoughts on his CATE conference experience, and read Dave Wright's insights on frontline career work with clients with disabilities in Northland.

Several private practitioners share gifts. Unwrap their advice, favourite websites, books and quotes.

New to your stocking this issue is Student Voice in which practitioners talk about the formal study they have engaged in this year and how it has influenced their practice. We hope to make this a regular feature.

Gadgets are the rage this season - in our case, web-based technologies. Gill England tells us why Career Services is on Twitter, and there is also a quick update about changes to the Career Services website. Not to be outdone, CDANZ have a word or two about where we are going with social media.

We take a quick look at a new service for older workers in Australia and Megan reviews Who You Are is What You Do: making choices about life after school by Heather McAllister.

Last but not least, a sweet tweet from our Random Aunty.

And there you have it. From the Ezine team, have a great Christmas and an enjoyable summer. See you in 2011.