Career Development Association of New Zealand


Ezine Number 8

Number 8, Spring 2010

Spring is a time of change. It brings vitality, activity and growth, particularly after the long winter months.

We have taken the spring theme for this edition of the Ezine. We have attempted to look broadly and then specifically at how our careers industry is adapting and looking forward to the months ahead.

From the presidents laptop, Megan gives her take on what has been happening in the industry. Read latest news of some of the branches here. There are articles from Career Services rapuara, Workbridge and also Private Practice on the happenings within their part of the career industry.

We drill down to look at the new arrival and growth of the Webchat guidance modality being piloted by Career Services. Then we view the tertiary sector, with an article focussing on changes to university entrance. The Labour Department have also provided a piece that links practitioners into their new business information site with information and resources to assist the entrepreneur.

There is also an overview of the Capable Auckland strategy from Career Services Northern area, that coincides with Auckland becoming a Super City.

Looking into the future there is information concerning the upcoming CDANZ AGM in Auckland.

Heather Carpenter’s new book is reviewed and there are pieces on professional development and insurance opportunities for the industry.

On a whimsical note, our random agony aunt - who could be someone you know - addresses the frustrations and challenges of a career practitioner (who may also sound familiar).

Clearly there is growth and change in the air. Be informed and enjoy your Spring Ezine read.