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Ezine Number 6

Ezine Number 6, Autumn 2010

Christmas is in the rear vision mirror and now it's already March! The New Year is often a time to make some resolutions and take on on new responsibilities and considering what might be.

Professional Associations also go through similar processes. Megan's piece will inform you what is happening in CDANZ that is immediate for the Association. She also introduces the Executive members and outlines their responsibilities. There is also a new communications team who are finding their feet or putting their feet in it with the web and ezine development; they take the opportunity to introduce themselves and put out the call to other practitioners for their contributions.

There is also the opportunity for you the practitioner to find out about professional opportunities, including certification courses, research symposia, conferences and workshops.

Back issues of the old Career Practitioners Association NZ newsletter can be found by going to the publications pages in the members area. You will have to log in to access this area.

If you are not CDANZ member but are interested in becoming one, click on the Join CDANZ link to find out how. Click the Contact Us link for any further enquiries or information.

From the President's Laptop

Our new President, Megan Smith, has been hard at work bringing her new executive team together and also scoping the CDANZ horizon for 2010. Read here.

Branch News

In addition to the Events Calendar you are able to catch up on news from some of the CDANZ branches around the country, "Some?" we hear you asking. The Ezine Editor and Communications Officer are in the process of setting up relationships with the regional branches. There will be a lot more news from the Branches in future editions.

Introducing the new communications team

Pat Cody and Jean Ottley introduce themselves here and share their initial thoughts around the direction of this Ezine.

Wellington Institute of Technology / CDANZ Career Research Symposium

This event takes place on Friday 2 July 2010 at the City Campus Wellington Institute of Technology. Read more here

Navigate Career Conference November 2010

The Careers and Transition Education Association (CATE) is proud to be hosting the Annual National Careers Conference at SkyCity Auckland from 24 to 26 November 2010. Find out more here on how you can be involved.


Including: NZCER Certification Workshop: The Self Directed Dearch, CDAA National Careers Conference, Business Effectiveness for Private Practitioners and NZATD conference. Details here.

Being professionally heard. Here is your chance...

The website and ezine are part of the communication medium for professional development. Now is a prime opportunity with the new communications team to offer suggestions regarding future issues with the Ezine or ideas on articles and web content. Please contact the editor or the communications officer.