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Ezine Number 19, Issue 4

Number 19, Issue 4, Summer 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Summer Ezine! 

The theme is Work and Society, and writers on the theme include guests Prue Hyman and Paul Spoonley. The Ezine also features articles from several presenters to our National Symposium in November 2015. And we report on Penny Hagen's keynote speech from our National AGM & Professonal Development Day, about collaborative and participatory approaches to social change.


Editorial: Notions of Inevitability – Jean Ottley

President’s Piece: Val O'Reilly

Work and Society - theme articles

Symposium articles - 2015

National AGM & Professonal Development Day- 2015

News from the National AGM

Regular Features:
Branch news

The complete Ezine in one hit is here.

NB: When opening articles in this issue, we apologise that the hyperlinks in the pdfs are not live. As an alternative, there are references supplied at the end of each article. Copy the URL out to your web browser by highlighting the link and keying Ctrl & C to copy (and Ctrl & P to paste).