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Ezine Number 19, Issue 3

Number 19, Issue 3, Spring 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Spring Ezine! 

Portfolio Careers. This Ezine features people who have ‘gone portfolio.’ They juggle different employment experiences, have interesting ways of working, and continuously collect new and diverse skills.

Editorial: Wearing lots of hats - Jean Ottley

President’s Piece: Communities of practice and peer supervision - Kaye Avery

Portfolio Careers - theme articles

National Development Manager reports - Lauren Hughes

Vice President reports - Val O'Reilly

Update from the Professionalism Working Party - Caroline Sandford

Conversations with Dave Turner – Val O'Reilly

Career self management – Sam Young

Towards a Narrative approach to careers interviewing – Tom Staunton

Regular Features:
Branch news
Book reviews
Article review

Advertorial: SDS Training and Choices Match - Dr Heather Carpenter

 The complete Ezine in one hit is here.


NB: When opening articles in this issue, we apologise that the hyperlinks in the pdfs are not live. As an alternative, there are references supplied at the end of each article. Copy the URL out to your web browser by highlighting the link and keying Ctrl & C to copy (and Ctrl & P to paste).