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Ezine Number 18, Issue 4

Number 18, Issue 4, Summer 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Summer Ezine! 

This issue focuses on Identity, following up on the Symposium theme; who we are as an organisation and practitioners, building on reflections on research and the CDANZ AGM:

Editorial: The Secret Sauce

President's Piece (Who are we and what do we want) - Kaye Avery

O Me, O Life! - Dr Paul Wood

The Future of Work - Professor Tim Bentley

Career Engagement of New Zealand Career Development Practitioners - Dr Dale Furbish

Do you Tweet, Like, Share or Pin? - Andrew Tui

The Role of Identity in Career Development - Val O’Reilly

2014 Symposium Impressions - Susana McKernan, Charissa Smith & Becky Steel

Celebrating a new life member: Heather Carpenter - Kaye Avery

Professionalism Update - Julie Thomas

Stevenson's MOOC: a review of the first open online career course - Sam Young

A Working Relationship with ACC - Shane Heasley

Access the career symposium presentations here.


Regular Features:

Who We Are – Professionalism Survey Results

Stars n Black Holes

Branch News

Book review


The complete Ezine in one hit is here.

NB: When opening articles in this issue, we apologise that the hyperlinks in the pdfs are not live. As an alternative, there are references supplied at the end of each article. Copy the URL out to your web browser by highlighting the link and keying Ctrl & C to copy (and Ctrl & P to paste).