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Ezine Number 18, Issue 2

Number 18, Issue 2, Winter 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Winter Ezine! 

Inspired by ODesks' look at The Future Of Work at, in this issue we look at "21st Century" careers. We consider a range of issues, from the work of futurists to the practicalities of time management; from pathways into work from secondary education to fostering diversity; from tips for writing up our session notes to the experts we have had in New Zealand to grow our national skills.

Editorial: The Future of Careers

President's Piece (CDAA Impressions: Australia is Fairly Advancing) - Kaye Avery

21st Century Careers - Sam Young supported by 21st Century Careers resources for your viewing pleasure (click and watch):

Imagining Career Futures - Jaylan Boyle of the Education Gazette

Conceptualising Career Development in Diverse Population - Danni Lei

STEPs for Documenting Career Counseling Session - Rhonda Sutton

Making the Most of a Precious Resource: Time - Sarah Bond

Professionalism: what is it good for? - Val O’Reilly

Review of the Career Education Benchmarks: Secondary - Julie Urbahn

Professor Blustein's Psychology of Working - Val O’Reilly & Kaye Avery

Review of The Psychology of Working/Social Justice and Work - Pat Cody

  • PowerPoints from the two sessions are available here


Regular Features:

Who We Are – Career Statistics

Stars n Black Holes

Branch News

Book reviews

Article review




The complete Ezine in one hit is here.


NB: When opening articles in this issue, we apologise that the hyperlinks in the pdfs are not live. As an alternative, there are references supplied at the end of each article. Copy the URL out to your web browser by highlighting the link and keying Ctrl & C to copy (and Ctrl & P to paste).