Career Development Association of New Zealand


Ezine Number 14

Number 14, Autumn 2012

Breadth of Depth of Career Development in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Welcome to the Autumn Ezine for 2012. The career landscape is on the move. John Key is challenging the public sector to make a difference. There is welfare reform. Careers Information Advice Guidance and Education has been reviewed. Career Education Benchmarks were introduced for secondary and are under development for tertiary.

This type of macro movement, although extremely important, can drown out the on-going commitment and excellent work that career professionals do every day in assisting New Zealanders shape their lives.

This edition of the Ezine acknowledges our depth of field, the great work that people do and their fascinating career journeys that led them into this work.

Pat's editorial identifies his professional motives for this edition. Then we welcome Ivan and read his first report as President.

We then commence our dive with a secondary school focus: Vicki Summerfield from Christchurch and Julie Chiaroni from Dargaville. The diversity within their practice and commitment to their schools is superb.

We then have some Careers New Zealand input with Richard Sevicke-Jones and Brigette Shutkowski. Richard writes about how he came to be involved in policy work and Brigette shows how technology and project methodology now guide her work.

Shane Heasley shares his experience of working in vocational rehabilitation and Raewyn Laurenson write about her diverse work life.

The 2012 CDANZ Membership Survey captures the current picture of members and their professional needs. We finish with Branch news from Auckland, Waikato and Manawatu.

We are also promoting several sources of professional development this Ezine, the Careers New Zealand Blog, the CATE conference Space to Grow in November 2012 (site in Northland and finally the MOE library list of career publications

Incidentally, to join the MOE library the process is:

  • Email:
  • Let them know that you are a CDANZ Member, and that CDANZ has access to the MOE Library through CareersNZ.
  • Request a logon and password.

The complete Ezine in one hit is here.