Career Development Association of New Zealand


Ezine Number 13

Number 13, Summer 2012

Sustaining the Dynamic Practitioner.

Welcome to the 2012 Summer Ezine at a time when for many of us the year's priorities are starting to clamour for attention. Priorities are important and so too is professional 'space', the way we embody those things of importance in our personal and professional lives.

This edition 'Sustaining the Dynamic Practitioner' takes a thematic approach to ensuring that you are in the best place possible to attend to priorities . The editorial scopes the publication. Megan then pens her final president's report. Well done Megan!

Sam Young explores how we can be the best we can be. Dale Furbish focuses on the importance and breadth of professional development available. Sabina Koscielecki then drills down on the value of reflective practice.

Sue Mortlock makes two solid contributions. The first is a framework for staying fresh, curious and focussed in your practice while the second touches on the ethical questions of workload and self care.

Pat Cody takes a visual perspective on knowing your gold and the value of an empty head the mind map for the article is here

We then introduce the AUT University, Graduate Diploma in Career Development Reading paper in Career Education Benchmarks. There is also a press release for No Major Drama, a website designed for students choosing university majors.

We apologise for the absence of branch news in this Ezine. As Douglas Adams so aptly wrote "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." So that members know when and how to contribute to the Ezine, be that branch news, adverts or advertorials, deadlines and release dates for the three remaining Ezines in 2012 are now on the front page of the CDANZ website and are also here. The template to use for submitting branch news is also there, along with Nelson's latest contribution to encourage us all.

The entire Ezine can be accessed in one hit here.

Next edition we explore the breadth and depth of the Career Development Industry in Aotearoa. If you want to be involved, publication time frames and who to contact are here.