Career Development Association of New Zealand


Ezine Number 12

Number 12, Spring 2011

Be careful what you ask for. We asked for articles about the career landscape and we got them! Deep and profound career thinking that makes apparent the landscape that you work in and on.

Navigating a perfect storm sets the context for the articles while the president’s report gives us an appreciation of activities within this turbulent year.

Lester Oakes offers his view of the International careers landscape. And to help us navigate the labour market, the Department of Labour signpost the latests trends via a series of themed reports on their website. Then we take a look at key areas around youth, career education, Pasifika and sustainable business and career themes. Articles include:

The New Zealand Institute More Ladders and Fewer Snakes
Careers New Zealand Benchmark update
Sam Young The Greening Workforce followed by some Green Theme reading
Hana Seumanu-Ikenasio
The Pasifika Careers Landscape
Sustainable Business Network Catching the Sustainable Wave

We are a profession of breadth but also depth. It’s really exciting to announce that the Ezine will have a regular ethical article. Delve into Ethics Now!

The AGM is fast approaching and it's going to be a beauty. Find more information here. Also find out about what happening in the various branches.

Finally there are a couple of advertorials from Career Dynamic and Future Selves.

The one link edition of the Ezine is here

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