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Direct Career Service update

Direct Career Service update

Direct Career Service is a temporary service that has been flexible to meet the needs of current jobseekers and those impacted by COVID-19

1. DCS was launched to support New Zealanders displaced by COVID-19 back into work, training or education.

2. The fallout from Covid-19 is continuing to disrupt the New Zealand economy and likely will for years to come. DCS is a continuing to support the need of New Zealanders as unemployment, under-utilisation and non-participation levels remain at elevated levels.

3. As this service is open to anyone over the age of 17 and is work ready, we are able to be flexible to meet the needs of Government priority groups (Māori, Pacific peoples, disabled and neurodiverse people, women and youth), as well as those directly impacted by COVID-19.

4. Successful rollout and growth of this temporary service has resulted in an extension of the over-the-phone service from 13 March until 25th June 2021, and the extension of several specifically designed pop ups in areas of high need. These adaptations are in response to feedback and new partnerships that have created more opportunities to engage in a culturally meaningful and focused ways during the last months of delivery and within available budget.

5. Currently the service is expected to cease on 25 June 2021.

DCS has already supported over 5,245 New Zealanders across the country in the first 18 weeks of delivery.

6. The main focus for client outcomes and client satisfaction is to understand their experiences with career guidance practitioners.

7. The independent evaluation has asked three key questions across the life of the project:

· Question 1: WHAT? Are we doing what we said we would?

8. The original approach approved by Cabinet 3 August 2020, was to have a free national over-the-phone personalised career guidance service for 6 months and pop-up’s providing quick career advice in 10 locations over 3 months.

9. In the first 18 weeks of delivery (19 October 2020 to 28 February 2021) individuals received information, advice and/or personalised tailored career guidance. This includes:

· 1,006 over-the-phone or zoom sessions (unique scheduled and completed appointments)

· 3,833 visitors to a face-to-face pop up at 13 different sites from South Auckland to Invercargill

· 406 visitors given information at a community based event, for example, Westland Careers Mayoral Taskforce for Jobs, Hokitika and Pathways to Work, Ngāi Te Rangi Iwi, Tauranga.

10. The service has also been able to support businesses who are having to restructure, including Metal Craft Roofing, Air New Zealand, NZ Aviation Aotearoa, Whakatane Mill and Refinery NZ.

11. The service has a broad reach for people to access. The over-the-phone service demographics in the first 18 weeks of delivery include:

· Age: 45% 25-39 year olds, 19% 50 plus, 19% under 25 year olds and 17% 40-49 year olds

· Ethnicity: 46% NZ European, 18% Indian, 6% Māori, 5% Chinese

· Regions: 34% Auckland, 14% Wellington, 13% Christchurch, 7% Hamilton and 5% Whangarei

· Citizenship: 67% NZ Citizen, 19% NZ Perm Citizen, 10% Work Visa, 2% Other and 2% Student Visa

· Gender: 59% Females and 41% Males

12. Face-to-face services are predominantly utilised by both Māori (12%) and Pacific peoples (13%) compared to over-the-phone Māori (6%) and Pacific peoples (4%).

· Question 2: WHY? Are we making a difference?

13. Feedback from customers and career practitioners in many different formats has given DCS good insight into its impact on people's lives. This ranges from knowledge about where to find jobs, supporting skill development including rewriting CVs and cover letters, through to positive changes in attitude towards the future. Hope, optimism and enthusiasm was evident in much of the narrative from customers after seeing career practitioners. 

14. Customer satisfaction surveys collated in February 2020, demonstrates that the services are making a difference.