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Applications open for Evaluators of Competency

Applications open for Evaluators of Competency

Our new entry level criteria, commencing on 1 April 2021, requires new applicants for Full and Professional Membership to evidence their competency. Competency Statements and Practice Studies will be assessed by a trained team of Evaluators who will then make recommendations to the CDANZ Membership Committee in regards to the applicant's competency. 

Joining the Evaluation Team is a wonderful opportunity for you to serve your professional association, hone new skills and expand your professional networks... plus it is paid!

We are now seeking applications from individuals who meet this criteria:

Criteria for Evaluators

  • Open to Life, Fellow, Professional and Full Members granted eligibility under the terms and conditions of membership, who have held membership for at least five years
  • Have held a leadership role within the profession
  • Can demonstrate how they themselves meet the competency framework plus the requisite skills, knowledge and experience in the area of practice being assessed if possible
  • Experience in assessment and moderation, and/or the willingness to upskill. NB. The first evaluation of every evaluator will be moderated.
  • Completion of a CDANZ Evaluator course /webinar
  • Be in good financial standing as a CDANZ member

About the position
Refer to the full Criteria, Procedure and Remuneration for Evaluators here. 

Evaluators of Competencies are accountable for:

  • Assessing the competency statements of applications to CDANZ for Full and Professional Membership. Where able the applicant will be assessed by an evaluator from a similar specialty.
  • Conducting interviews with those full and professional applicants who do not have access to an approved referee.
  • Making a decision (approved; declined; more information required; recommendation for provisional membership) with respect to the applicant meeting the competencies.
  • Participating in an annual forum with other evaluators to discuss evaluations
  • Participating in an annual moderation process for all evaluators
  • Participating as a peer reviewer of evaluations
  • Each evaluation will be remunerated at a rates below. 
  • Practitioners involved in evaluations are always governed by CDANZ’s Code of Ethics.

Who oversees the evaluators?

  • Evaluation Team Leader as nominated by the National Executive Committee

Evaluator training

  • Compulsory training webinar for all new evaluators
  • Compulsory moderation forum for all evaluators once per year
  • Membership Committee should also undertake this training so they are aware of the process the application goes through prior to reaching them

Addendum: Tools and Resources for Evaluators
The assessment by Evaluators is done on the applicant’s submission form. See this form here.

Payment for Evaluators

  • This is a new process for CDANZ and these fees will be reviewed over time.
  • This is casual, contract work and we estimate the payment to evaluators to be $100+GST per assessment of a written or video Competency Statement and Practice Study and 
    $100+GST per referee interview.
  • Should an applicant request an interview to demonstrate competency the fee to the Evaluator may be greater depending on the length of the interview and follow up evaluation. 
  • Please note that there is no payment for training, moderation and team meetings, however, Evaluators may claim up to 10 professional development hours per annum. 
  • Applications will be assigned to Evaluators by the CDANZ Administrator. There is no guarantee of minimum work. 

To make your application please send the following material to by 27 March 2021.

  • A cover letter explaining how you meet the criteria above and please include your estimated availabilty each month for this work
  • Your CV

If you have any questions please contact Koa Saxby -