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Update from ACC on IOA / VIOA Service

Update from ACC on IOA / VIOA Service


In preparation for the May 2020 annual variation of the IOA and VIOA contract, ACC has be in consultation with CDANZ around their membership pathways and we wish to update the contracts current membership requirements.

The IOA/VIOA service schedule states that all named providers must have “full” membership of a professional association (per Part B, clause / VIOA – Part B, clause As the contracts currently stand, having an “associate” membership with supervision is not sufficient to be a named provider. We are aware that both the named provider application form and operational guidelines do not align with the contracts.

Under the May 2020 variation, we are looking to formally allow associate members with supervision (and the right experience, qualifications and skills) to be a Named Provider on the IOA and VIOA contract on a case by case basis. We are also looking at aligning the tertiary qualifications with the professional associations and ensuring the contracts are future proofed, considering the consultation underway with CDANZ and its members on its membership pathways.

We are also interested to hear your thoughts, by 20 January 2020, on the above and whether there are anything else we need to consider for the next variation. Please send your email to

Important note: The above changes will only take affect on the next variation, which will be communicated in due course.

We would like to thank you for providing occupational assessments over this year and we wish you a safe and happy Christmas season.

Kind Regards

Marinda Broodryk,