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Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways

Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways

Kōrero and Consultation:


The CDANZ Professionalism Project team have been working to create and implement all the necessary components of Professional Standards for our members. Consultation with members has always been central to this process and in recent years members have helped shape our Code of Ethics, Competency Framework, and Continuing Professional Development model. At this year’s CDANZ National Conference the consultation process will commence around another major piece of work: Entry Level Qualfications and Member Pathways.

The scope of this project includes:

  • a review of entry level qualifications currently available
  • alignment of the CDANZ Competency Framework with membership pathways
  • a review of existing membership categories
  • consideration of microcredentials as a mechanism for developing or strengthening competencies
  • consideration of all of the above in the context of industry best practice and international benchmarking.


At the 2013 CDANZ AGM a majority vote was received against the Alternative Pathways Remit. Although the idea of Alternative Pathways was supported, it was recognised that the association did not have the framework in place to assess whether an individual met the required competencies. The Professionalism Project team was consequently established to develop Professional Standards. Since then the team have revamped the Code of Ethics, developed the existing Competency Framework, developed the Pātaka Kōroro Toolkit containing supporting practice guidelines, developed a Continuing Professional Development procedure to support exisitng members (to be presented at the 2019 AGM for ratification) and is now in a strong position to renew the conversation around member pathways.


This project is vital to helping CDANZ achieve our vision:

Sustainability of our association and workforce
New member pathways that align with the Competency Framework, but also acknowledge prior learning and experience, will enable new members to join CDANZ. This will contribute to our sustainability as an organisation, and diversify our membership to better serve and reflect “all New Zealanders.”

Being a Professional organisation
This project is a critical component of our Professional Standards. Currently our requirements for Professional Members are slightly out of step both with our international counterparts and the NZQA qualification level descriptors for professional practice. . This project aims to address these issues.

Advocating for excellence
CDANZ is a strong advocate for professional career development practice in New Zealand. Any efforts to advocate for regulation of the workforce will be contingent on CDANZ having systems and standards in place that can facilitate this, and provide assurance to government and stakeholders of the professional standards of our members.

The Professionalism Project team will make recommendations to our membership for consideration at the CDANZ National Conference on Thursday 5th September. This will be followed by a nationwide consultation process similar to that undertaken around the Draft Self Review Tool for CPD and the CDANZ Competency Framework. Following that process we will aim to bring a remit to the CDANZ AGM 2020 for voting.

The best interests of all our existing members will be given strong consideration throughout this process, and any change process will involve consultation.

We look forward to having this conversation with you and are excited about the opportunities for our association and the profession.