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Guidelines for Referees' Report

Guidelines for Referees’ Reports


Please make your referees aware of these Guidelines and the Referees Report Form for each of your referees. Your referee may be contacted by a CDANZ Membership Committee Member.

Referees Report Form 


Referees must complete all sections of the above Referees Report Form and email to

Two referee reports are required for both Full and Professional Membership Designations:

1. One referee’s report from a CDANZ Full, Professional, Fellow or Life Member OR CDAA Member who has held that membership for at least 1 year, and who has known the applicant in a professional capacity for at least 1 year. This reference must include:

  • CDANZ or CDAA Membership Number
  • Date accepted as a Full or Professional Member

2. Other work-related related reference from someone who knows the applicant’s work, work standards and work ethic.

Note: At least one of the referees will have known applicant for a minimum 2 years. Do not include more than one reference from the applicant’s current employing organisation.

Referee reports

Referee reports must attest to the following for the prospective member:

  • Character
  • Professional standard of practice
  • Ethics
  • Applicant’s suitability for membership of CDANZ

Thank you for being a referee for the CDANZ membership application process. Please include in your report any other information about the applicant that might influence the decision of the CDANZ Membership Committee. Please supply a telephone number and a suitable time you can be contacted if required.

Sending referee reports

Please forward your reference via email to