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Our Professional Standards

Professional Standards

The concept of ‘Wayfinding’ in the central logo is based on the traditional Polynesian navigation. It represents career practitioners using professional standards to reflect on their own practice, and their own journey towards professionalism. By using the Competency Framework, for example, as a self-reflective tool (guiding stars - also the Southern Cross in our CDANZ logo), they can determine where they are now (start of their journey), and what ‘provisions’ they might need along the way to get to where they need to be. As they journey towards professionalism, they will discover new things about themselves, picking up and filling their ‘pātaka kōrero’ (storehouse of information) with new knowledge, skills and attributes, becoming more intuitive and aware of themselves and their environment as they find their way. 

Purpose of Standards

The CDANZ Professional Standards are critical to support and promote a career development culture within the New Zealand community and promote quality career development services. They have been researched and developed by CDANZ, and will be regarded as the minimum standard for all Professional members of CDANZ who support or deliver career development services, either as a part of, or as the majority of their role, in both organisational and individual settings. They are not designed to describe specific roles.

Standards refer to the systems and procedures developed by career development practitioners and stakeholders in the career industry that:

  • define the career industry, its membership and its services
  • recognise and specify the diverse skills and knowledge of career development practitioners
  • guide practitioner entry development within the profession
  • provide a foundation for designing career development practitioner training
  • provide assurance to the public and other stakeholders in the profession
  • create an agreed terminology for the industry

(adapted from [Canadian] National Steering Committee for Career Development Guidelines and Standards, 2004).

Standards also demonstrate the professional status of career development practitioners reflected in the following definition:

"a profession may be thought of as an occupational group with specific higher education, expert knowledge and a professional integrity framework that underpins community trust, respect and recognition" (Professional Standards Council, 2015, p. 5)

Elements of Professional Standards for CDANZ Career Development Practitioners

The elements of the Professional Standards for CDANZ Career Development Practitioners include:

  1. Terminology
  2. Code of Ethics
  3. Entry-Level Qualifications and Member Pathways
  4. Competency Framework
  5. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

History of the Professional Standards

The CDANZ Professional Project team has been developing the professional standards since 2013.

Here is a record of the project milestones to date:

  • Professionalism Project: Overview
  • Professionalism Project: Update 2. Briefing paper is here  
  • Professionalism Project: Update 3. Briefing paper is here.
  • Professionalism Project: Update 4. Briefing paper is here.
  • Professionalism Project: Update 5. Briefing paper is here
  • Professionalism Project: Update 6. Briefing paper is here
  • Professionalism Project: Update 7: Briefing paper is here
  • Professionalism Project: Update 8: Briefing paper is here
  • Professionalism Project: Update 9: Briefing paper is here
  • Professionalism Project: Update 10: Briefing paper is here