Career Development Association of New Zealand


Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct for Career Practitioners

All CDANZ members are bound by its Code of Ethics.

The Code provides the fundamental ethical principles and values to guide our professional practice and professional relationships, to protect the integrity of the Association, the profession, and the recipients of career development services.

The Code accords with the Competency Framework required for Professional and Associate Members. The Code is available in both English and Te Reo Maori.

Code of Ethics

 CDANZ is the professional body for career development practice in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We strive for excellence in career development across diverse fields of practice and offer our members and New Zealanders a collective identity for the profession. 

This Code of Ethics, together with the Professional Practice Guidelines, articulates our commitment to maintaining a high level of trust, integrity, and safety for ourselves and our clients. 

In giving effect to this Code, all members will give due regard to cultural diversity and in particular for the provisions of, and the spirit and intent of, Te Tiriti O Waitangi. 

CDANZ members will: 

Promote professionalism and respect for the practice of career development with clients and all stakeholders in accordance with the Constitution of CDANZ. 

Represent services, qualifications, and experience accurately and fully, and only undertake those practices for which they are qualified and in circumstances where they have appropriate experience. 

Respect the dignity and personal rights of the client involved, the client’s right to self-determination, and treat the client honestly and with respect, empathy, and integrity at all times.

 Ensure that any ethical and cultural dimensions relevant to the client are respected, and members are not party to any discriminatory or defamatory action regarding the client. 

Prioritise the wellbeing and the positive growth and development of the client as the recipient of the career development service. 

Disclose all known and potential conflicts of interest before they arise. Members shall only proceed with the service if they are satisfied that the conflict, or perception of conflict, will not impair the member’s impartiality and independence. 

Remain fully aware of their social responsibility and the impact of their recommendations and actions. Be alert to personal, social, organisational, financial, or political situations or pressures which might lead to misuse of their influence. 

Maintain full confidentiality and rights of the client during and after they receive the service, Members must inform the client of any contractual limits that may apply and, if necessary, of the duty to disclose to appropriate people, threats to the safety of individuals and the public. 

Conduct services in a professionally responsible, transparent, fair, reasonable, and timely manner in accordance with the law. No harm to the client should be caused through any practice, method or technique, including the use of digital technologies. 

Maintain professional currency and qualifications in accordance with the membership requirements of CDANZ.