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International Association of Education and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) and Social Justice

By: Lauren Hughes

Date: 03 Dec 2018

Category: Article reviews

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International Association of Education and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) and Social Justice

In 2011, New Zealander, and CDANZ Honorary Member, Lester Oakes was President of the International Association of Education and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG). To celebrate the organisation’s 60th year, his team commissioned a detailed history of the organisation which can be read here. This document tells of the emergence of vocational guidance as a discipline at the end of the 19th/ beginning of the 20th century; of its roots in the field of psychology, and of the post-World War 1 era that “saw many countries set up national public guidance services in different settings and within various legislations, sometimes in connection with the employment services and sometimes in the education sector.”

A desire for international co-operation around vocational guidance motivated the establishment of IAEVG in Paris in 1951. Several European nations sent delegations as well as international organisations - ILO, UNESCO and CIE – to form the ‘Association Internationale d’Orientation Professionelle AIOP’. “The objectives of the association AIOP were designed to provide guidance professionals with the opportunity to exchange views and gain experiences and to benefit from mutual exchanges through study visits.”

Today IAEVG has grown to be a truly global organisation with an inspiring legacy of research, literature and advocacy in the field. The organisation partners local organisations to deliver significant conferences and events all over the world. It also publishes a newsletter, a journal which draws on contributions from many of the greatest minds in the profession, and also communiqués. IAEVG’s communiqués are public reports on topics pertinent to the organisation’s mission, which is best summed up as “Maximising the world’s potential through guidance.”

Dr Nancy Arthur, current Vice President of the IAEVG delivered the closing address at CDANZ National Symposium 2018 where she emphasised the strong connections between IAEVG’s mission and the social justice theme of our Symposium. Nancy has since selected and shared following IAEVG communiqués which she felt were pertinent to our conversations. She invites us to read them, consider them within our strategic planning as an organisation, and use them in our own advocacy work.

Lauren Hughes

Lauren Hughes

Lauren is the National Development Manager at CDANZ. Her role includes the delivery of CDANZ National Professional Development events including CareerX, NZ Occupational Rehabilitation Conference, CDANZ National Symposium and more.