Career Development Association of New Zealand


How the webinar platform works

I have never participated in a webinar before, how does it work?

Once you have registered, you will be sent an email that includes a test button and a link to the webinar. Please click the test button before the webinar to ensure the computer/device you wish to use for the webinar is compatible. If the test identifies any problems phone 0800 947 474 for assistance. If they are still unable to resolve your concern please contact the CDANZ Account Manager Josh on 021 1107 525 and notify CDANZ National Development Manager on

Please do not click the webinar link in advance as the link only works when the host is logged in. This link will only work from 15 minutes before the webinar’s advertised time.

At the webinar time please click the webinar link. A box will pop up requesting your name and phone number. At this time you have th choice of connecting your audio via your computer or by phone. If you select phone you will need to input a landline number and the webinar will automatically call you. Again if you have any difficulties at this stage you can ring 0800 947 474 .

At the beginning of the webinar we will give you a screen orientation and show you how it all works. You will see the presenter slides on the screen. They can also turn their camera on and off so you can see them when appropriate. No one can see or hear you however your name will appear in the list of participants when you are logged on and you will be able to read and type questions into the group chat throughout the session.


If you are still unsure please call Lauren on or 021 222 5682.