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Professional Development Annual Renewal

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Sample Form of Professional Development

Professional Development Annual Record

A minimum of thirty (30) hours professional development per subscription year is required. Up to 10 hours of unstructured activities can be counted each year toward your professional development. 

Professional Development is required to cover a range of different professional activities to develop your skills, knowledge and competencies required for your area of career practice. For example:

  • Professional Supervision provided by an external supervisor
  • Supervision by an internally trained and validated supervisor or Peer Supervision
  • CDANZ Branch Meeting Attendance
  • Training and Courses Attended - these need to be relevant to your practice and not work-skills training
  • Academic study - only count the hours relevant to career practice
  • Careers-related research
  • Visiting Speakers & Lecturers
  • Career specific or aligned Conferences 
  • Career update days

Specifically, PD hours are made up of 20+ ‘structured’ hours (organised activities) and 10+ ‘unstructured’ hours (self determined activities).

Structured PD hours may include:

  • A maximum of 12 hours of professional supervision as above
  • Careers related training relevant to your area of practice
  • Up to 7 hours per day for full day Conference/Symposia/Event attendance
  • National Executive Committee members – 25 hours total per annum
  • Branch Committee roles (e.g. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, PD Co-ordinator) – 10 hours per annum
  • Career Research Symposium - principal organiser 20 hours, organising committee 10 hours, presenters 10 hours
  • Branch PD delivery – 5 hours maximum per annum
  • Te Mohiotanga Editorial Team - up to 10 hours per annum

Unstructured PD hours may include:

  • Ezine reading (or contributions – 5 hours maximum per annum)
  • Articles in International journals (or contribution to)
  • Careers specific reading material – on line or in book form

Professional Supervision: Please note that should Supervision be listed as an activity, supervision must be provided by a professionally competent career supervisor, who is not in a direct management or authority relationship with the applicant. Supervision can be provided in several ways although it is important to be clear that supervision is not work-process or sales effectiveness training. Supervision is only deemed 'supervision' if its purpose is to support and enhance the work of the practitioner and the safety and care of their clients.

Professional development activities DO NOT include:

  • Activities which are about day-to-day work processes, systems and reporting practices. Although these are important for you to do your job, they are not considered ‘Professional Development’ for career practitioners. These also include the delivery of workshops, staff meetings, performance appraisals and networking meetings that don’t have a PD component to them etc.
  • Activities that build your business eg developing a business plan, promoting your business.

Please type entries for the Professional Development Annual Record directly into the word document; entries should be clear, concise and reflective of the learning gained by attending each activity. (Your reflections are a valued part of the renewal process and indicate the level of awareness you have about your own development). Details, dates and number of hours must be specified for each entry (including each supervision date), as well as reason for undertaking and reflection of how this activity assisted in your practice.