Career Development Association of New Zealand


CDANZ National Conference 2019

CDANZ National Conference 2019

Your practice - Today and tomorrow

In partnership with University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury, Christchurch / 5 & 6 September 2019


Over the past three years CDANZ flagship event has focussed on big themes highlighting and investigating the value and impact of career development on the wellbeing of our clients, society and economy:

  • 2016: Our Value, Our Voice
  • 2017 Aspiration and Possibility
  • 2018: Social Justice.

This year, at our national conference for research and leading practice, we examine ourselves and put career practice in New Zealand under the microscope to examine:

  1. What innovative models of career practice are working now at home, and abroad?
  2. How will career practice need to change to address the diverse needs of clients in the new economy?
  3. How can you adapt your practice to remain relevant, accessible and sustainable, and so that New Zealanders receive excellence in career development support?

CDANZ national conference is an opportunity to look up from your own work to engage with your peers from across the country and bright minds from overseas, to build your networks, to share and exchange knowledge, to challenge your thinking, to catch up on the latest research and to gain practical tools and insights in leading practice.


5 April Call for Abstracts open

7 June Call for Abstracts close

28 June Applicants notified of decision

4 July Early Bird Bookings open

5 Aug Early Bird Bookings close

30 Aug Presenter Slides due

5 Sept Event Day 1 / Networking Dinner

5 Sept Event Day 2

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