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Have your say on Education in NZ

The forum for public feedback on the NZ education system has opened. This is a great opportunity for the careers sector to have our say on the important role career education has in schools and across the life span. You can answer a four question survey here or start a korero in social media #EdConvo18

Submissions close May 31 2018.

International Conference Report

"Counseling and support. Decent work, equity and inclusion: password for the present and the future"
In the complex contexts and unpredictable times we are living, there are many emergencies and problems to be faced. Reduction of labour, globalisation, poverty, terrorism, walls.... How should we take care of our present and future? How can we build inclusive societies capable of generating quality lives, equity and decent work? The scholars and policy-makers from counseling, vocational guidance, career education, economics, sociology, anthropology, education, as well as others are all call to identify innovative and economic development strategies to help individuals, in particular individuals at risk of social exclusion, to gain access to decent work and to society in term of full participation.
The International conference "Counseling and Support - Decent work, equity and inclusion: password for the present and the future", which was held in Padova from 5 to 7 October 2017, focused attention to the signals coming from different contexts and mobilized scholars of counseling, vocational guidance, career education, inclusion... and all those who intended to support people in their search for a quality future, satisfaction relationships and decent work....Read More

Opportunities on CDANZ National Executive

We are seeking expressions of interest from Professional Members interested in one or more of these exciting portfolios on CDANZ National Executive: Communications, Maori & Pasifika, Culture & Diversity. This is a wonderful opportunity for members to develop their skills and networks whilst playing a key role in shaping our association. National Executive members may claim up to 25 hours PD for their service and contribution.

For more information please contact Jennie Miller on

Ezine Announcement

In February we will be launching our new member communication to replace the Ezine, which has been hitting your email since 2008 when it was decided to separate the newsletter from local and global career development research and opinion pieces. Rather than receiving a magazine-sized email four times a year, we have decided to break the Ezine into more frequent chunks, with fewer and more timely articles in each mail-out.

The responsibility for the Ezine has always sat with one CDANZ Executive Committee member, and as you can imagine, it takes time to invite, edit, publish, and curate the articles and various pieces for each Ezine. As an Executive Committee we agreed it would be less onerous on our volunteer committee, and provide smaller and more easily digested communications to our membership - a positive result for both our committee and our readers!

This new approach has taken some time to work through, but with the help of Sam Young, former Executive Committee member and online communications expert, we are confident we will be sending you regular updates you'll be keen to engage with when they arrive in your Inbox, rather than stash them for later in the hope you have time to come back to them!

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