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ACC's VRS RFT on hold

Advice recieved from ACC:

An addendum has been issued for GETS RFx Id: 22306231, Vocational Rehabilitation Services (Closing on 27/03/2020 03:00PM).


New Zealand is currently at COVID-19 Alert Level 3 and moving to Alert Level 4 by midnight Wednesday 25 March. 

ACC’s focus at this time must be on maintaining essential services for its clients and providers. To allow us to do this, the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Request for Tender will be put on hold, from tomorrow, until further notice.

Any information or documents you have already provided will be saved in the system until we are ready to take the next steps forward. Until then no further information or documents can be added.

We will provide additional information regarding the tender as it becomes available.

We will also extend existing Vocational Rehabilitation Services contracts with incumbent suppliers for a maximum of one year, to ensure continuity of care for our clients.

If you have concerns or questions about how COVID-19 or the Ministry's guidelines affect your service delivery to ACC clients, please contact your Engagement and Performance Manager or email

For information about how the Government is supporting businesses, please visit the Work and Income website.

President's Update: Covid-19, L4

Kia ora tatou,

I write this having just come home to start work from my kitchen "office" as we enter Covid-19 Alert Level 4. I am sure many of you are finding yourselves in similar situations of compromise, working out how to continue to support your clients through this difficult time whilst adjusting to a new work-style, or maybe just one with more family members around during the day than you're used to! I am thinking of you all and trying to imagine the different scenarios we are all in; I continue to maintain my curiosity as to what the weeks will bring and what we will all learn from this. One thing is certain: for many, a vast improvement in technology skills will be a very positive shift in learning new ways of working successfully.

On Monday evening the CDANZ National Executive Committee met by Zoom and made some decisions I would like to share with you now, as we consider ways to support our members during the lock-down period and beyond. At this stage we have agreed on the following:

Entry Level Qualifications & Member Pathways proposal
We have agreed it is more important for you, our members, to be focusing on your family and the circumstances we're now facing. Although our project teams will continue working in the background, we will postpone completion of the consultation work until the timing is better for our members. If there is sufficient member support we will bring the proposal remit to a Special General Meeting later in the year that will have the proposal as its sole focus (see p15, CDANZ Constitution). We see this as a very positive step, separating the AGM from this important discussion with our members.

CDANZ AGM, July 2020
We are pleased we made the decision to hold our AGM this year via Zoom to enable as many members as possible to access this important annual meeting, and will continue to plan for Tuesday, 28th July, at 7.00-8.00pm.

CareerX and Masterclass event, Sep 2020
You will be aware Prof Deirdre Hughes' visit to Wellington in May has been postponed indefinitely, and the decision has been made to treat the CareerX & Masterclass event planned for September in the same way. It is simply too high-risk financially to be making specific plans, however we have every intention of holding the event when the timing is right and will send more information as soon as we are able.

Commitment to providing Professional Development
We know PD is hugely important to our members, and recognise the opportunity we now have to support your ongoing learning, as well as provide opportunities for networking and stay connected within our professional community. To that end we are developing a programme of free learning you can take advantage of at home, with free webinars, discussion groups, reading, and other resources we identify. We plan to get this started very soon, so keep your eye out for some great opportunities. If you come across something you think our members would appreciate please let Lauren Hughes know on

Staying connected with Zoom
It is important to stay connected through these weeks when we are physically apart. There are many technologies you can may use to keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues and clients, such as phone, social media, messenger apps, Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime, and Zoom.

CDANZ will be hosting online events using the Zoom platform. Find out more about how to use Zoom here or check out their helpful videos here. If you need any support in adapting to this technology please contact Lauren on or 021 222 5682. 

Branch Liaison
Heather Lowery-Kappes will be contacting our branch leadership teams soon to hold a Zoom session to discuss preparation for your AGM's.

Membership renewals
For those with difficulty paying their membership fees up-front during this period, Koa can work with you to make alternative arrangements. We understand cash-flow may be an issue for some and we will try our best to accommodate this. Please understand, though, that there are costs involved in maintaining our organisation and membership fees will be our only income source this year due to the cancellation of our large PD events. The organisation is, literally, its members.

I wish you all the very best during this unprecedented situation where we are all learning more about career resilience, for ourselves and others. We will no doubt look back one day and find ourselves using many examples of great stories from this time in our lives and careers. We are needed now more than ever, and this will continue long after Covid-19 has parted ways with us.

Please stay in touch with each other, join the CDANZ LinkedIn and FaceBook groups, get yourself on the Zoom platform (takes 2 minutes), enjoy the PD opportunities, and share experiences. Let's learn together.

And please don't hesitate to contact me - I'll be in my kitchen.

Nga mihi, and kia kaha,

Jennie Miller
CDANZ – National President
CATE – Career and Transition Educators
Grad Dip Career Development, BBusStudies
0272 959 770


Childcare for essential workers

Where possible, essential workers need to make their own arrangements for childcare from Thursday 26 March, due to limited capacity. 

We know this will not be possible for everyone. Alternative arrangements have been made so essential workers can access government funded, in home childcare and continue to work.

Please let essential workers in your organisation know that they qualify for this support if needed. 

Please share the following message with your essential workers and direct them to the website, where more details will be provided as available today. 

What your essential workers need to know when making their own arrangements

Essential workers will need to use their existing networks for in home care, for example a neighbor, relative, friend or current carer/nanny who can come to their house, or provide childcare in their own home. There are Public Health rules you need to comply with:

· The person providing care of your children of essentially become an extension of your self-isolating household group

· This group must remain the same for the whole 4-week period

· The carer should not care for children from other households (other than their own) over the same period

· If a child or carer becomes unwell, they must stay at home

If your essential workers do not have access to childcare through their own networks

If your essential workers are unable to access childcare to perform their essential service, the government has agreed that it will fund other licensed childcare providers (for example through PORSE, Barnados and Edubase / Home Grown Kids) to provide in home care to the children aged 0-14 of essential workers. The carer would be subject to the same Public Health rules as set out above.

For the purposes of providing care to children of essential workers, the in home carer will be classified as an essential worker. 

Initial list of contact details for providers

Barnados 0800 BARNARDOS (0800 227 627)

Edubase / Home Grown Kids 0508 44 54 37

PORSE 0800 023 456

The managing director of PORSE, Rrahul Dosshi, has invited Essential Service organisations to contact him directly on 021 922 006.

More information on other providers, eg. OSCAR, will be updated on the website today.

NZWRI report - In-Work Poverty

From Feb NZWRI newsletter - The Human Rights Commission launched the institute's research on in-work poverty in November of 2019. The launch included a presentation in Auckland, and a public seminar in Wellington.
Professor Gail Pacheco and Senior Research Fellow, Dr Alexander Plum presented the research, while Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, Saunoamaali'i Karanina Sumeo, spoke to the human rights implications of in-work poverty.

The headline figure of the report was a 7% rate of in-work poverty in New Zealand. This is the proportion of working households in New Zealand (in 2013) living below the poverty threshold. However, this rate varies considerably across several demographic dimensions, for example, rising to 12% for single-parent households and 20% for two or more family households where only one adult is working.

View the report.

CCDF is excited to officially launch our new VOCO Online Training Centre

CCDF is excited to officially launch our new VOCO Online Training Centre, open 24/7 for career development professionals trying to fit training into busy schedules. 

Our VOCO courses (see attached catalgoue) or view online Catalogue include innovative new approaches and state-of-the-art tools for frontline staff. You can work at your own pace and according to your schedule…and you’ll have access to the course content and resources even after you’ve completed a course. Whether you’re trying to meet certification requirements or are just ready for some fresh ideas and approaches, take advantage of this time-limited opportunity. Register for any course before March 31, 2020, and receive a one-time discount of $50 OFF ANY VOCO COURSE by using promo code PROMO50,

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