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Ezine Number 18, Issue 3

Number 18, Issue 3, Spring 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Spring Ezine! 

Inspired by the concept of "Practical Paths", this issue looks at how we work with clients who need to do, right now. For some viewing on this topic, check out the following clips:


Editorial: Practical Paths

President's Piece (Developing Professionalism in Career Coaching) - Kaye Avery

Tools of the Trade - Sam Young

School leavers 'better off training for a trade’ - Graeme Paton

Imagining Career Futures - Jaylan Boyle of the Education Gazette

A workplace qualification journey at Careers New Zealand - Julie Thomas, Felicity Rodley & Reisha Lais

Opening my eyes to the skilled trades - Ashley Beaupré

Skilled Trades: the secret of life - Findlay and Company Chartered Accountants

Workplace Training at Careers New Zealand - Julie Thomas, Felicity Rodley & Rheisha Lais

Cultural Blind Spots in Career Counselling with International Students - Satomi Yaji Chudasama

An update on the Professionalism discussion - Val O’Reilly

Symposium & AGM Presenters’ Profiles - Val O’Reilly 


Regular Features:

Who We Are – Career Statistics

Stars n Black Holes

Branch News

Book reviews

Article review


The complete Ezine in one hit is here.


NB: When opening articles in this issue, we apologise that the hyperlinks in the pdfs are not live. As an alternative, there are references supplied at the end of each article. Copy the URL out to your web browser by highlighting the link and keying Ctrl & C to copy (and Ctrl & P to paste).