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Draft Remits and Ratifications to CDANZ Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways

Draft Remits and Ratifications to CDANZ Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways

On 1 February 2021 CDANZ members recieved a copy of the DRAFT Remits and Ratifications on CDANZ Entry Level Qualification and Member Pathways. They have until 10 February to ask any final questions or offer final feedback on this proposal. Please send feedback to or join us in a live Zoom discussion at 7pm on Wed 10 February using this link -

Special General Meeting

Following this last stage of consultation we will distribute final remits along with a full voting pack to eligible voters on 14 February. In this same email members will recieve information on how they can register to attend the Special General Meeting at 7pm, Tuesday 2 March
In the Special General Meeting eligible voters will also have the opportunity to vote on:

  • Remit 1. Consistent reference to the CDANZ National Executive Committee in Constitution 
  • Remit 2: Renaming of Corporate Membership to Organisational Affiliate
  • Ratification 1: Introduction of requirement for Criminal Record Checks

Transition Reminders 

Last year we sent all CDANZ members letters explaining how the implementation of the changes under the ELQ&MP proposal could effect them. Links to these letters and further information about the transition plan can be found here. Please note that we are taking no new membership applications between 15 February and 15 April. It is essential that overdue membership renewals, fees and PD Records are also completed before 15 February. If you need assistance with your application or renewal please contact Koa - 

If you are working towards a different membership category under our current system eg a Student or Associate aspiring for Professional, Subscriber aspiring for Associate please make sure you let us know your plans before 1 April by filling our this form. 

Thanks for your involvement. 

Kind regards, 

CDANZ National Executive Committee
Career Development Association of New Zealand