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TEC Direct Career Guidance Services contracts awarded

TEC Direct Career Guidance Services contracts awarded

Congratulations to the 75 individual CDANZ members who have contracts for providing the Tertiary Education Commission's new Direct Career Guidance Services. We are incredibly proud as an association to be partnering with TEC, supporting our members to work in the field they love, providing a much-needed service to New Zealanders whose careers have been impacted by COVID-19. 

Whilst we know there have been challenges and teething problems in setting up the service so quickly, the National Executive Committee are delighted our members have upheld the spirit of the CDANZ Code of Ethics and continue to display their professionalism when dealing with all stakeholders, particularly TEC staff - our partners in this valuable initiative. 

As some of you may be aware, the cabinet paper approving the TEC/CDANZ partnership for this 6 month contract includes the possibility of further direct service provision if this project goes well and there is still a need in the community. Further contracts and services may differ from the current model, however this is an incredible opportunity for our industry and our membership. It is therefore imperative we uphold the highest standards in our both our service delivery and stakeholder engagement. In other words, to a large degree it is up to us. As we continue to iron out the wrinkles and make the service stronger, smoother and better, please remember the success of our partnership depends on every one of the individuals contracted to TEC.

We hope you are all enjoying the new work. We have heard some amazing good-news stories already of the wonderful work you are providing, and we are sure we will hear many more. 

If you have any questions please get in contact with either Heather Lowery-Kappes (CDANZ President) or Jennie Miller (CDANZ Immediate Past President). Heather and Jennie continue to work closely with TEC representing the National Executive Committee and you, our members, as subject matter experts for the development and delivery of the contract. 

Heather: or 021 077 6306
Jennie: or 0272 959 770 

Ngā Mihi

Heather and Jennie