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Free Roundtable Webinar Series - Diversity Works

Free Roundtable Webinar Series - Diversity Works

Diversity Works' Roundtable webinar series - all five webinars now viewable at no cost on their website.

The five topics are:

• Diversity, inclusion and the future of workplace flexibility – how can we avoid a return to outdated work practices and embrace this opportunity to radically change what work looks like?

• Returning to a mentally resilient workplace – our panel of experts and business leaders consider mental health in the workplace and share their thoughts on contributing factors and the path to better resilience

• Brave conversations about cultural stigmatisation and respectful behaviour - how do we ensure that, when we go back to work, we are open and welcoming to all cultures, and that we have robust mechanisms in place to ensure respectful workplaces?

• Smaller team, more belonging - right-sizing through the lens of diversity and inclusion. This session looks at how to mitigate against bias when we need to restructure our organisations.

• Thrive - diversity as competitive advantage to navigating the new normal. This session looks at how the practise of inclusion is essential to challenge us to look at problems differently.