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President’s Welcome to 2019

President's Welcome to 2019

Tau Hou hari, and welcome to 2019! 

I hope you're feeling refreshed and energised, ready to set off on our 2019 journey helping another cohort of people deal with career issues of many shapes and sizes. For some of us, that will incorporate career challenges and changes of our own.

In February I will have been in the role of President for one whole year, which has been a challenging and exciting time in equal measures! I'm again looking forward to working with the wonderful individuals giving up their time to represent you and the career development industry on the Executive Committee, as well as the amazing Koa and Lauren who support us all so very ably. We're looking forward to a very busy year, with plenty of opportunities for all our members to engage within our CDANZ community and out in the public arena, advocating for our industry and profession. 

In February the Executive will be holding our first face-to-face meeting of the year, where we will develop our strategic and operational plan for 2019; I look forward to sharing the results of that meeting with you all, and providing updates on continuing work. Part of the plan will incorporate how we work with you, the members, to inform the work we do. If you haven't read it yet, keep up-to-date with our activities in the December President's Update.

Our role on the Executive Committee is to understand and meet the needs of our broad range of members as best we can, with a focus on our key strategic themes of Advocacy, Professionalism, and Sustainability, which continue to serve us well. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything you'd like to discuss, suggest, clarify, or learn more about regarding our activities. I value opportunities to speak with our members. 

Warm regards,

President CDANZ