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President’s Update - September 2018

President's Update - September 2018

President's Update 
Spring – a time for new beginnings. Since putting on the President’s hat in February this year I’ve been wanting to publish regular updates to let you know about all the work being done on your behalf within and around the CDANZ Executive team. I made a start a couple of times, and then things changed so fast it just felt like the proverbial moving feast!

Executive Committee Work Programme
At our most recent quarterly face-to-face meeting in mid-August the Executive agreed on the key projects below for the 2018/2019 year. Please be aware this session was not specifically about long-term strategy, however everything we do is with reference to our goals around Professionalism, Advocacy, and Sustainability. It was agreed each of the project leaders will encourage CDANZ member involvement, so if you’re keen to contribute to any of the projects below please let us know via the very quick survey at the bottom, or email me. It’s a great opportunity to contribute to something bigger than ourselves as individual practitioners, and to our profession and industry. The projects are in no particular order of priority:

  1. CDANZ included in policy-making at ministry level
  2. Professional Standards in place
  3. Communications: cohesive appearance - consistent and targeted
  4. Professional Development: 12 month plan for National CDANZ
  5. New CRM/Membership system
  6. Tighten up/update documentation

Clockwise, from bottom left: Selfie star, Andrew Tui, Caroline Sandford, Merrie McDougall, Kathryn Scott, Trish Handley, Heather Lowery-Kappes, Shane Heasley, Jennie Miller, Lis Whyte, and Lauren Hughes (our National Development Manager).

At our meeting we were joined for lunch and a discussion (kai and korero) by representatives of the Maori and Pasifika Practitioners Network. Andrew Tui arranged this part of our meeting; Andrew is on the Executive team as well as being one of the Network's co-ordinators. We were so pleased to welcome Dr Lynette Reid, Fiona Timoti-Knowles, and Riki Apa to our meeting. As part of our discussion on how we might work together going forward we agreed it makes most sense to incorporate Maori and Pasifika interests in all of the projects we're undertaking, rather than via a separate project. We are very much looking forward to that collaboration.

Advocating for our organisation and industry
We have proposed a forum for our 2018 Symposium key note speaker, Professor Jenny Bimrose, to attend a meeting with ministry members following the Symposium. I am currently in conversation with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) to hold that meeting in Wellington. This event presents an amazing opportunity for our government to be in conversation with an international specialist in career development policy who has worked with government ministers across countries and continents.

I have met with MOE and TEC representatives on several occasions over the last year or so, in the company of a variety of CDANZ and CATE representatives, to provide input and express our interest in supporting efforts around career development policy, specifically in relation to the Careers System Strategy (TEC) and the Career Action Plan being drafted for schools by MOE. We are currently awaiting confirmation that the Careers System Strategy has been accepted by the TEC Board and Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins, and expect an announcement in the near future.

As some of you will be aware, from the end of this year TEC will no longer be delivering PD to school career practitioners, and the aim of the Career Action Plan will be to lay out what future delivery will look like for schools. I attended a meeting with Minister Chris Hipkins in June as a guest of the CATE National Executive meeting held at Parliament. I was inspired by his comments that he would like to see school careers teams being seen as “centres of excellence” by school communities.

Along with CATE, we were alerted recently to the existence of MOE's 'Networks of Expertise' fund, with amounts awarded in the education sector to support subject-level associations and other peer-to-peer kaiako/teacher networks in delivering curriculum, teaching and assessment support. In the words of our application: "Our network will develop and implement a two-staged, system-level approach to support the PLD and reflective practice needs of career service providers in schools." We are grateful to Val O'Reilly for leading this work and drafting the application, supported by Caroline Sandford and me. When we hear back as to the success or otherwise of our application we will let you know, and provide more detail in relation to the project should we be successful.

This photo records the visit to Wellington in July made by Jennie Miller and Val O'Reilly at the invitation of MOE, along with CATE Exec representatives Lynn Gillespie, Tia Greenstreet, and Pam Murray, when we met with the new team responsible for drafting the Career Action Plan, as well as other project representatives.

The recent announcement by Minister Grant Robertson of the Tripartite Future of Work Forum is incredibly exciting, as it encompasses the work of both MOE and TEC in its Programme of Work, with government, industry and unions forming the tripartite. A goal will be to raise our profile with that group, especially with new economic growth measures now to include some kind of well-being measures, as announced by the minister in recent weeks.

At another touch-point, I was recently invited to join the Working Group for the Ageing Workforce, co-ordinated by the Employers and Manufacturers Association; I am very much looking forward to having a voice for the importance of career development in that forum, a subject very dear to my heart.

Our Vice President, Heather Lowery-Kappes, also represented CDANZ in August at the Education Leaders Forum in Rotorua. This is the second year CDANZ has presented at ELF, a valuable forum for making educators aware of our organisation and career development concepts.

Professional Standards
Caroline Sandford represents the Professionalism Project team on the Executive, and we are so grateful to Caroline and the team for the work they are doing to put strong and well-researched standards in place for our organisation and, in turn, our industry. Alongside Caroline, the team currently consists of Val O’Reilly, Hilary Tomkins, Amanda Smidt, and Julie Thomas. Some of you attended the workshops held to provide feedback on our new Draft Competency Framework, which was very valuable and much appreciated. The framework has now been peer reviewed and finalised, and we’re thrilled to be releasing the new document at our AGM this year on 23rd October. Work also continues unabated on the Practice Guidelines, which will be a boon for some of the situations we’re regularly in as practitioners.

Caroline and the team have been providing great updates of their work as they go along, and these can be found on the CDANZ website.

Professional Development… Developments
Those in branch leadership roles were invited last month to a Zoom meeting with Heather Lowery-Kappes (Executive’s current PD Lead) to discuss a year-long trial for PD delivery, whereby branches will no longer be required to provide PD to members. There were several reasons for this decision:

  1. From an analysis of PD undertaken by Koa Saxby, our Administration Manager, we learned that only around 6% of PD is obtained from branches
  2. We know members are often put off volunteering for branch roles due to the workload of organising PD opportunities
  3. Feedback from branches is that quality PD is becoming harder to obtain on a low/no-cost basis
  4. With modern technology it is now so much simpler to deliver quality PD nationally.

As outlined in the Executive’s Programme of Work above, one of our key projects is to develop a 12 month National PD Plan. Although we have a fair idea regarding requirements from the analysis undertaken by Koa and our own discussions with members, as part of this project we will be seeking further input and feedback from membership on your PD needs.

From the AGM in October Merrie McDougall will assume the role of PD Lead, with Heather Lowery-Kappes taking over from Shane Heasley as Treasurer.

Purchase of new membership software

Believe it or not, software for associations is big business! We have been looking for some time at upgrading ours and undertaking a cost/benefit analysis to choose a package that will do as much as possible for our members for the best price, up-front and ongoing. This is no simple task, however the work has been hurried along somewhat by the fact our current package has developed problems. Heather Lowery-Kappes has taken the lead on this work, with a small team supporting her. We will keep you updated – this is exciting stuff, I promise!

I think that’s probably enough for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this update, and I welcome any comments or queries – I volunteer in this role to represent your interests as members of this organisation, and contributors to our amazing profession.

You’ll be aware we are seeking nominations for members interested in joining the Executive team from the October AGM, which need to be with us by 18 September. If you’re interested, or know of someone who might be, the pack is on the website. We are not scary – like you, we’re just passionate about our industry, and prepared to contribute some of our time and energy to the greater good.

Reminders and links:

  1. Early Bird registrations for the 2018 Symposium in Wellington end on 21 September

For some quick, easy, and immediate feedback to see if I’m on the right track with these updates, here’s a 2 question survey.

Thanks all,

Jennie Miller 
President, PMCDANZ

Career Development Association of New Zealand