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CDANZ Submission: NCEA Review - Member Zoom meetings

CDANZ Submission: NCEA Review - Member Zoom meetings

There are a number of inter-related projects and reviews happening in government at the moment that will have major impacts on career practice, practitioners, and our clients, in the future. The top three being:

  • Tripartite Future of Work Forum
  • Career Systems Strategy for all New Zealanders – Tertiary Education Commission
  • Career Action Plan for schools – Ministry of Education

Along with professionalism and sustainability, advocacy is one of our three core drivers. Our National Executive have been working hard to ensure that CDANZ is at the table for these conversations, and that our key messages are heard.

One of the new ways we will be advocating for our members and our industry is by making formal submissions to government ministries and select committees. The first such opportunity will be of interest to members working in the education sector – the NCEA Review. Some of you may have already completed the online survey and that is great. We’d still love your contribution to our collective submission as well. To enable this, we will be facilitating two Zoom meetings on Wednesday, 29 August, one at 12noon and one at 7pm. CDANZ submission will hopefully provide a platform for professionalism in our industry, and affords a more a formal and fulsome approach and process to be heard.

Register now for the 12noon Zoom on Wednesday 29 August

Register now for the 7pm Zoom on Wednesday 29 August

The zoom meetings will be facilitated by Amanda Smidt. The meetings will be recorded and notes will be collated and passed to the National Executive who will finalise and make the submission on behalf of the organisation by the deadline, 16 September.

CPD may be claimed:

  • 1 hour unstructured PD - advanced reading and reflection
  • 1 hour structured PD – participating in the Zoom meeting

If you want to be part of this conversation please register above and read on for advance reading and meeting preparation.


NCEA Review

The NCEA Review is one of five big conversations the Ministry of Education is conducting through the Education Conversation website. These conversations are all part of a much bigger programme of work that includes the Career Action Plan.

The NCEA submission invites us to feedback on a specific set of questions framed around 6 Big Opportunities. In the Zoom meeting Amanda will lead a discussion through these questions, starting with the most relevant to us, Big Opportunity 3: Ensuring NCEA Levels 2 and 3 support good connections beyond schooling.

To prepare for the Zoom, you can use the following questions as prompts to guide your thinking.

What is your reaction to each of the proposed six big opportunities?

  • Do you support this idea?
  • What are your reasons?
  • How do you think this idea will help to align NCEA with the five principles of a strong qualification: wellbeing, equity, coherence, pathways, and credibility?
  • What do you think the challenges and unintended consequences could be?
  • What else do you think could or should be changed to address the area identified by the big opportunity?

Reaction to big opportunity 1:

Creating space at NCEA Level 1 for powerful learning (Rebuild Level 1 as a 40 credit qualification – 20 for literacy and numeracy, and 20 for a project.)

Reaction to big opportunity 2:

Strengthening literacy and numeracy. (Benchmark literacy and numeracy at the level needed for success in further learning and employment.)

Big Opportunity 3:

Ensuring NCEA Levels 2 and 3 support good connections beyond schooling. (Introduce pathways opportunities to NCEA Levels 2 and 3, giving every young person access to learning relevant to their pathway.)

  • How can NCEA acknowledge the value of all learning, including learning that occurs outside the classroom?
  • How can NCEA acknowledge learning gained in the workplace, including developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes valued by employers?
  • Should NCEA be more capable of recognising a student’s prior learning and learning that is not based on assessment standards?

Reaction to big opportunity 4:

Making it easier for teachers, schools and kura to refocus on learning. (Shift culture from achieving as many credits as possible to encouraging quality teaching and learning.)

Reaction to big opportunity 5:

Ensuring the Record of Achievement tells us about learners’ capabilities. (Enhance the Record of Achievement with better summary information and space for learners to detail achievements outside of NCEA.)

Reaction to big opportunity 6:

Dismantling barriers to NCEA. (Make NCEA more equitable, starting with making it easier for learners to access Special Assessment Conditions, and remove fees to enrol in NCEA.)


What are your experiences of NCEA?

What’s working well and what’s not working well?

Who does NCEA work for and who doesn’t it work for?

How can NCEA be improved?

  • What have been the unintended consequences of NCEA?
  • Why have they occurred?
  • How might these be addressed?

What is your overall reaction to the proposed six big opportunities?

  • What are your reasons for supporting them/not supporting them?
  • What might be the unintended consequences of implementing them?
  • How might these be addressed?
  • Do you have some alternative ideas?

Is there anything else you would like to say?


If you cannot join us for the Zoom sessions or would prefer to write down your thoughts please email your ideas to by no later than 30 August. I also welcome your phone calls on 021 222 5682.