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What's the difference between Full and Professional Membership?

In terms of benefits there are no major differences. Both these membership types meet CDANZ Competency requirements and incur the same fees, rights and benefits.

We provide the distinction purely to acknowledge those who have chosen to pursue Post Graduate study. Our Professional Membership aligns with international benchmarks. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Full or Professional member?

See our Member Benefits Table

What can I do if I do not have a CDANZ Full or Professional member as a referee?

The best way to get to know CDANZ members is to attend Branch meetings. These are open to guests and visitors, usually at a small charge. If you are a career practitioner who has belonged to an association overseas and you are new to New Zealand, we will also accept a reference from a Professional member of your previous association. We also accept references from CDAA members. 

If you are still unable to find an appropriate referee you can request an Interview with one of our Evaluators. This will incur a charge of $100+GST. 

How long does it take for my membership application to be accepted?

It will take us 2-3 weeks to complete an evaluation of your Competency Statement and Practice Study. This evaluation is then considered alongside your application at the next meetinf ot the Membership Committee. This Committee meets once a month so depending on when your application is made we would expect to get a decision to you within 6-10 weeks. 

Please note that if you submit an incomplete application, if we have not received references, or if there are queries on the information you have given us, this may delay your application. 

What happens after I become a member?

You will receive email confirmation of your membership. Full and Professional members will also receive their Membership Certificate. All new members should receive contact from your local Branch Chairperson welcoming you to the Association and inviting you to future Branch meetings. Once your membership has been approved you can start promoting your association with CDANZ in accordance with the CDANZ Brand Use Guidelines

How do I put my membership on hold if I am not going to be practising for a while or if I am going to be out of New Zealand for a period of time?

If you are a current Full, Professional or Fellow member you may put your membership on hold for a period of up to twelve months, provided you advise us beforehand of your situation. You can reactivate your membership at any time during that twelve months. If we do not hear from you after the year we will presume that you do not wish to reactivate and your membership will lapse. When you take your membership off hold, you need to resume your normal membership obligations (i.e. current PD Annual Record and annual renewal fee).

How do I reapply for membership if I have previously been a Full, Professional or Fellow member of CDANZ?

A Full, Professional or Fellow member whose membership has lapsed for a period of 5 years or less, may resume their membership by paying the annual membership fee and showing that you have fulfilled and submitted a PD Annual Record. Please note that the entry level criteria changes on 1 April 2021 so any returning members will also need to meet the new criteria before resuming their membership. 

What skills and training are required to become a Career Practitioner?

You will find this information by going to the Career Services website:

What career specific qualifications are available in New Zealand?

There are currently a number of qualifications available in New Zealand that meet CDANZ membership criteria. Read more...