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Free Roundtable Webinar Series - Diversity Works

Diversity Works' Roundtable webinar series - all five webinars now viewable at no cost on their website.

The five topics are:

• Diversity, inclusion and the future of workplace flexibility – how can we avoid a return to outdated work practices and embrace this opportunity to radically change what work looks like?

• Returning to a mentally resilient workplace – our panel of experts and business leaders consider mental health in the workplace and share their thoughts on contributing factors and the path to better resilience

• Brave conversations about cultural stigmatisation and respectful behaviour - how do we ensure that, when we go back to work, we are open and welcoming to all cultures, and that we have robust mechanisms in place to ensure respectful workplaces?

• Smaller team, more belonging - right-sizing through the lens of diversity and inclusion. This session looks at how to mitigate against bias when we need to restructure our organisations.

• Thrive - diversity as competitive advantage to navigating the new normal. This session looks at how the practise of inclusion is essential to challenge us to look at problems differently.

CDANZ Otago /Southland Meeting and PD information

8th October 5.30pm

We have set a date of the 8 October 2020, again a zoom meeting and the theme for this meeting will be : “The job market post Covid, and advice for job seekers in this tight market”.

We will have a panel of 4 -5 people from various sectors in the region, asking each person to speak for 5 -6 minutes(if 5 people) followed by Q and A. 

We are asking the panel to address the following questions with Q and A afterwards: 

  • How have you seen the job market in Southland and Otago change as a result of Covid-19?
  • What are the areas within the regions that are looking to open doors, create new opportunities for people who have maybe lost jobs in other areas?
  • What advice would you give to people who are currently seeking employment?
  • How do you anticipate all of this progressing into 2021?

Further details of those speaking will be forwarded to you all once confirmed. 

PLEASE NOTE this will be via zoom, should any other members across the country wish to listen in, they are welcome to contact us for the zoom link. or

26 November

 The end of year meeting will be 26 November and we still have time to decide what that will look like and where we will hold it. Further information will be forwarded to you nearer the time.

Next year

Some PD suggestions for next year’s meetings have been emailed to local members; please review and send back what preferences you have. However if you have some further ideas please send them to Dave for collation.


CDANZ Canterbury Westland Branch PD and Networking

Save the Dates 16 September and 4 November 2020

For your PD Pleasure we are confirming the following upcoming events for 2020 - calendar appointments to follow:

Recruitment Uncovered – Panel discussion with local recruitment specialists

How it works
What tools do they use including software
Tips and tricks – in the know
Working within the current environment and job market ……….etc 

16 September 2020
Time: 5pm – 6.30pm, Ara Institute of Canterbury 

Branch Catch Up over refreshments 5pm – 5.30pm
Panel Q&A 5.30pm – 6pm
Networking 6pm to 6.30 

Transition to Retirement and to Christmas

Join our lovely colleagues Jude and Michelle from Zest People as we delve into the considerations and celebrations of transitioning to retirement and enjoy some seasonal fare as we also transition into the festive season

 4 November
Location and times TBC

Activity of the National Executive

CDANZ National Executive Committee works towards CDANZ vision. Current activity includes:

  • Professional Development - see our Free Online PD Offerings during Covid-19. Recordings of past Talking Careers! sessions can also now be found online here. 
  • Internal Communications - stay in the loop with our Social Media: CDANZ FB, CDANZ Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioners (private group) & CDANZ Linkedin Group
  • External Communitcations - see our Covid19 Key Messages and recent Media Releases
  • Partnership Projects with CDAA focussing on Research, Economies of Scale, Professional Development and Membership Benefits
  • Government Advocacy - submissions, participation in working groups and stakeholder management with TEC, MOE, MSD, MBIE, ACC
  • Governance - core governance functions of CDANZ including financial management, Professional Standards, Constitutional and Branch oversight, strategy, policy and partnerships 
  • Documentation review - to align and update our guiding policies and procedures
  • Membership Committee - processes for new member applications and renewals
  • Entry Level Qualifications and Member Pathways consultation, including leadership of these Working Groups: Assessment of Competency and Guidelines, Membership (Transition, Application & Renewal Process, Fees & Benefits), Documentation, ACC & Voc Rehab, CPD, Communications. 
  • CRM Project - to select and implement new software to manage membership and our website

CDANZ AGM 2020 - Verified results

Thank you to everyone who attended CDANZ AGM 2020. The meeting was attended by 65 CDANZ members and Lauren Hughes who performed the role of Returning Officer. Thank you also to everyone who lodged their apologies. 

Since the AGM Lauren has checked each vote for eligibility and four votes were deemed ineligible. In total the remits received 43 (Remit 2) and 44 (remits 1, 3 and 4) eligible votes by poll on the night plus 12 advanced votes. All Remits were passed with the clear support of over 2/3 of eligible voters.
Combined results are:

  • Remit 1: Remove operational detail relating to Professional Development Record audit - Passed (Votes: 56 for, 0 against, 0 abstained)
  • Remit 2: Provide meeting flexibility for setting membership subscriptions - Passed (Votes: 53 for, 1 against, 1 abstained)
  • Remit 3: Provide flexibility for the voting process at General Meetings - Passed (Votes: 55 for, 1 against, 0 abstained)
  • Remit 4: Remove reference to “Professional Code of Conduct” - Passed (Votes: 55 for, 1 against, 0 abstained)

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